1. Feature Spotlight: Volunteer Approval Workflow

    Background checks, orientation, and training are just a few steps that new volunteers encounter at your nonprofit. Tracking the volunteer onboarding progress can create a substantial amount of administrative work,... More

  2. Blackbaud Selects VolunteerHub as Launch Partner

    March marks a major milestone for VolunteerHub. With the launch of Blackbaud's new Partner Marketplace™, VolunteerHub becomes the only volunteer management software to be officially included as a launch partner. This... More

  3. How to Segment Volunteer List with User Groups

    Keeping your volunteers organized can be challenging, especially if your nonprofit offers a variety of ways to get involved. For example, some volunteers may only want to be contacted if... More

  4. Feature Spotlight: Multiform for Volunteer Hub

    Not every volunteer role is exactly the same. In fact, for most organizations, volunteers fill a wide diversity of roles. With this in mind, it’s logical to conclude that some... More

  5. Paperless Volunteer Management

    Need to streamline your process? Paperless volunteer management to the rescue. Nonprofits are all working towards one common goal - a better world. Part of that is doing your work... More

  6. How to Take Back Control of Your Nonprofit

    As a comrade in arms, I know first-hand the challenges of working at a nonprofit. Management in a nonprofit setting, of course, is often a delicate balancing act: first and... More

  7. VolunteerHub Joins Blackbaud Partner Network as a Blackbaud Technology Partner

    The following press release was originally published on October 23, 2014. Click here to read the official release. Oct. 23, 2014 - COLUMBUS, Ohio - VolunteerHub, the industry’s leading volunteer management... More

  8. New CRM Integrations Announced at bbcon 2014

    Big news today: VolunteerHub now integrates with Luminate CRM and RE Hosted. Stop by booth 430 of #bbcon for details. — VolunteerHub (@volunteerhub) October 8, 2014 Official Release - Nashville,... More

  9. Tablets for VolunteerHub’s Virtual Kiosk

    Since launching our popular OnSite App and Virtual Kiosk feature, we've had several customers ask us about tablet compatibility. In fact, we commonly get this question: Which tablets work with VolunteerHub's... More

  10. Constituent Lifecycle: Why System Integration Matters

    Your supporters don’t appear out of thin air. In fact, they’re cultivated. When it comes to cultivating donors, nonprofits consistently turn to Blackbaud’s suite of technology solutions. As you may... More

  11. The Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud CRM, Luminate, & eTapestry

    Today we’re excited to make one of the biggest announcements in our history: VolunteerHub is now a Blackbaud Technology Partner! To achieve this distinction, we’ve been busy building best-in-class integrations between... More

  12. True CRM Integration: Never Import / Export Again!

    “Key in this new volunteer information.” “Import that spreadsheet.” “Compare these two data files.” “Go into the system and replace the old database with the new one.” “Export the information, remove... More

  13. How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit from Texting

    Text messaging is now more popular than making phone calls. A recent Pew Institute survey confirms that people from all age groups prefer to text. In fact, Americans ages 18-29 send... More

  14. June User Forum: Blackbaud Announcement & More

    We’d love for you to attend our next User Forum on Thursday, June 12th at 3 PM Eastern. VolunteerHub User Forums are your opportunity to learn about the system and... More

  15. Time to Upgrade Your Analytics Package

    As you may be aware, the Google Analytics™ service recently announced its new package. In a nutshell, this new version offers several benefits to users, including more accurate data and... More

  16. Enhancements Announced for Virtual Kiosk

    The latest version of VolunteerHub offers some important enhancements, including upgrades to our popular volunteer kiosk feature. Here’s a rundown of what’s new. Kiosk Now Uses Device’s Native Keypad Customers... More

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