1. Feature Spotlight: Advanced Liability Waivers

      Stop and think of the many different activities your volunteers do each day. Now, think about the risk associated with these activities. A Habitat affiliate, for example, may have... More

  2. Altru Integration Announced by VolunteerHub

    We’re excited to announce that VolunteerHub Altru integration,  Blackbaud’s innovative platform designed specifically for arts and cultural organizations. About Altru General admission organizations, such as museums, botanical gardens, zoos, and performing... More

  3. Better Results from Email Campaigns with Volunteer Hub

    Nonprofits often rely on email campaigns for quick communication with volunteers. But have you ever considered how volunteers are reading your messages? To answer this question, stop and think about... More

  4. Engage More Volunteers with Event Segmentation

    How do you ensure all of your organization’s needs are met for an event? If you’re managing events with pen and paper, it’s impossible. Luckily, VolunteerHub’s event groups feature is... More

  5. Volunteer Database: Tips for Increasing ROI

    Building a volunteer database is one of the most valuable activities for nonprofit organizations. In addition to contributing donated time, volunteers also make excellent donors. However, before you can convert... More

  6. Save Time with VolunteerHub’s Integration for The Raiser’s Edge (Hosted Edition)

    Did you know that VolunteerHub is the only volunteer management software to be an official Blackbaud Technology Partner and to integrate with The Raiser’s Edge Hosted Edition? By connecting VolunteerHub to the... More

  7. Easily Share Documents with Volunteers

    Event-focused nonprofits will always have a need to share documents with volunteers. From youth liability waivers to promotional materials, your organization may have dozens or even hundreds of volunteer-related documents... More

  8. Attract More Volunteers by Making Your Events “Shareable”

    Does your organization host big events that require special promotion? Do you wish that you could create more buzz, and attract nonprofit volunteers on social media? In cases like these,... More

  9. Announcing a Major Integration for VolunteerHub

    Today, we’re very excited to announce a major integration for VolunteerHub. VolunteerHub now integrates with the Salesforce® CRM platform. In this post, we’ll explore how nonprofits can convert more volunteers to... More

  10. Now You Can Modify Multiple Volunteer Events at Once

    Circumstances change rapidly in a nonprofit setting. The moment that you think your event schedule is finalized can often be the same moment that everything changes. Inclement weather, schedule changes,... More

  11. Encourage Volunteers to Bring Their Friends

    A great way to increase event attendance is to allow volunteers to bring guests. Encouraging everyone to bring a friend or two can help your organization extend its reach, build capacity,... More

  12. Feature Spotlight: Recurring Volunteer Events

    It’s that time again. Your organization’s annual “big event” is approaching. Do you have an uneasy feeling in your stomach? You may find it hard to believe that another year has... More

  13. Realize More Volunteer Conversions

    Increase your volunteer conversions with these easy to implement strategies. How many of your visitors actually register to become volunteers? Understanding your volunteer conversions and what is driving them is... More

  14. When Volunteers Can’t Self-Register

    Volunteer Hub empowers your volunteers through its unique self-registration process. From any web-enabled device, volunteers can browse your organization’s list of upcoming events. With a few clicks, volunteers are then... More

  15. Did You Know VolunteerHub Integrates with Luminate CRM?

    Manual data entry is a common, yet inefficient process for many nonprofits. Collecting, validating, and keying in data consumes a substantial amount of time that could be better spent on... More

  16. A Tale of Two Texters – Text Volunteers

    Texting’s popularity increases each year. How can your organization capitalize on this communication method, and text volunteers? Meet Molly and Holly, both of whom are teen program coordinators, and see how... More

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