1. 5 Ways to Retain More Volunteers in 2020

    What steps is your nonprofit taking to retain volunteers in 2020? Here are 5 strategies to incorporate into your retention plan this year. Deploying strategies to retain volunteers in 2020... More

  2. Overcoming Volunteer Turnover

    Originally published in the September 2017 issue of NonProfit PRO. Click here to read the full issue. Turnover is costly, even in the nonprofit sector. Although most volunteers are not paid, extensive... More

  3. Volunteer Retention Strategies: 4 Tips to Retain Your Supporters

    Deploying the right volunteer retention strategies can keep volunteers coming back to fulfill new opportunities for your organization. What volunteer retention strategies is your nonprofit investing in? Did you know... More

  4. Our 8 Favorite Ways to Engage and Retain Volunteers

    Retain Volunteers by Engaging Them. Chances are your nonprofit has big dreams of making a difference in as many lives as possible.  In order to achieve those dreams, your organization... More

  5. How to Keep Volunteers Coming Back to Your Non-Profit

    You’ve done the hard work of getting volunteers, but how do you keep volunteers coming back? One of the biggest problems for non-profits is finding volunteers. The next biggest problem... More

  6. Increase Volunteer Retention with Rewards and Recognition

    Providing rewards and recognition is a great volunteer retention strategy Doesn’t everyone like a little competition? The feeling of accomplishment is invaluable. Adding rewards and recognition to your volunteer management... More

  7. Volunteer Retention Secret: Make Your Supporters Live’s Easier

    The Secret to Volunteer Retention May Be As Easy As Making Their Lives Easier Volunteer retention is a major part of the nonprofit community. Organizations want to know how and... More

  8. How to Show Volunteers You Appreciate Their Time

    Time is one of your most valuable assets. It is important to donate your time to the things you are passionate about. In the nonprofit sector, volunteers give their treasured... More

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