1. 5 Ways Your Volunteers Can Help with Fundraising (Without Asking for Money)

    Your nonprofit’s volunteers are a great resource for your organization. But, did you know that they can also be a great asset to your fundraising program? Many nonprofits worry about... More

  2. Evolve Your Volunteer Engagement Strategy & Convert More Donors

    What is your organization’s end goal? A nonprofit, if asked this question, would likely say that the primary aim is to maximize the impact on those it serves. Although this... More

  3. 3 Tips for Building Social Engagement with Volunteers

    The following article was originally posted on the GuideStar Trust blog. Click here to read the original post. You know social media has become ingrained in our culture when “Facebook”... More

  4. More Nonprofits are Managing Volunteers Online

    VolunteerHub makes managing volunteers online easy! Most nonprofits strive for effective volunteer management processes. Doing so is a win-win situation. The resources of the organization are maximized and, at the... More

  5. How to Get More Volunteer Registration Online

    Communication is essential in any good relationship, but it’s especially important when working with volunteers. Numerous studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between regular communication and volunteer... More

  6. 5 Free Social Media Intelligence Tools to Find Volunteers

    Having been involved in the business intelligence side of public social media for the better part of the last decade, it amazes me that I still occasionally run into organizational... More

  7. How to Organize Volunteer Information from Past Events

    Sometimes volunteer opportunities occur at a spur of the moment, allowing little time for planning (or post-event data analysis). However, the timeliness of an event does not diminish the need... More

  8. How to Encourage Repeat Volunteerism

    Volunteers, the lifeblood of 85% of nonprofit organizations in the US, are becoming a rare species. In fact, “regular” volunteers can be so hard to discover that SoftwareAdvice did a... More

  9. Volunteer Recruitment Ideas

    Here are a few volunteer recruitment ideas to include in your nonprofits strategy “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.” Does this strike a chord with your organization? While... More

  10. Expanding Your Volunteer Base by Engaging Donors

    If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a hundred times – “Time is money!” Perhaps, this is why many nonprofit organizations are squeamish about asking their donors to also... More

  11. How Nonprofits Leverage Tech to Overcome Challenges

    The following article was originally posted on the GuideStar Trust blog. Click here to read the original post. What is the biggest challenge facing your nonprofit right now? If you’re... More

  12. 5 Ways to Reach Volunteers on Facebook

    Engaging and attracting volunteers (not to mention retaining them) requires a strategy that cuts through the social media noise - particularly on Facebook. This is not easy, of course, with... More

  13. 4 Web Design Tips to Get More Volunteers & Donors

    We know that you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but in today’s world, presentation is everything. You can write the most interesting book in the world, but... More

  14. 6 Work from Home Volunteer Opportunities

    Business professionals are often the dream demographic for nonprofits seeking volunteers. So how do you attract more business professionals to your organization? In this post, we’ll explore how work from... More

  15. How Technology Impacts Relationships with Senior Citizens

    The following article was originally posted on the GuideStar Trust blog. Click here to read the original post. Today’s senior citizens may take nonprofits by surprise in a variety of... More

  16. When Volunteers Revolt

    “I quit!” When a volunteer says these two words, you know drama is poised to ensue. Volunteers step away from organizations for a multitude of reasons. When they leave due... More

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