1. Volunteer Retention: What Makes Them Stay?

    With the value of a volunteer hour exceeding $30 in 2023, now is the time to focus on retention and better utilize your existing volunteer contacts. It's no secret that... More

  2. Online Volunteer Management: Making the Transition

    Updated: 2/14/2022 Choosing the right online volunteer management system is an important decision. Below are a few things to consider when making the best selection for your organization. Is your... More

  3. School Volunteer Recruitment Tips: 4 Ways to Impact Your Program

    Finding the right volunteers for your school is important. Here are 4 ways to impact your school volunteer recruitment strategy. Providing people with skills and knowledge needed to succeed in... More

  4. The Value Volunteer Background Screening Adds to Nonprofits

    One of the best ways to protect your organization and volunteers is by doing volunteer background screening. Volunteers can help you expand your reach and share your organization’s mission. Having... More

  5. Increase the Effectiveness of Your Volunteer Program

    Taking a few simple steps can help craft an effective volunteer program Taking measures to optimize and create an effective volunteer program helps you increase your nonprofit’s reach in the... More

  6. Celebrate Your Volunteers & Increase Retention

    Your volunteers donate their time because they believe in your cause. A volunteer recognition program may be your organizations next step. Implementing a volunteer recognition program can improve your nonprofit’s retention... More

  7. Nonprofits Share Their Tips for Engaging Corporate Volunteers

    Does your organization rely on corporate volunteers? In an attempt to better understand both the advantages and challenges associated with this volunteer demographic, VolunteerHub surveyed 132 nonprofits on the subject.... More

  8. Survey Offers Secrets for Hosting More Effective Fundraising Events

    Instead of “traditional” fundraising campaigns, some organizations like to spice things up by hosting unique events. But, have you ever wondered which events require the least amount of preparation and... More

  9. Convert Volunteers to Donors with Direct Mail

    Every week you receive hundreds (if not thousands) of emails, text messages, instant messages, phone calls, and pieces of direct mail. Take a second to consider all of that communication.... More

  10. 5 Strategies for Evaluating Volunteer Management Systems

    Check Out These 5 Essential Tips for Evaluating Volunteer Management Systems Evaluating volunteer management systems and selecting the best one for your organization is one of the most important technology... More

  11. Older Volunteers Love Volunteer Hub

    Is your organization considering the purchase of an online volunteer management system? If so, you’re not alone. Many nonprofits are realizing the benefits of automating tasks such as volunteer scheduling,... More

  12. Inefficiencies Still Plaguing NPOs in 2015

    The following article was originally posted on the GuideStar Trust blog. Click here to read the original post. A couple years ago we tackled the topic of inefficiencies within nonprofits... More

  13. 4 Tips for Welcoming New Volunteers

    New volunteers are essential to your organization. They increase capacity, bring new perspectives and ideas, and re-energize your existing constituents. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, approximately 62.8... More

  14. Volunteer Value Sets Record, Engagement More Important

    Just for a moment, think about how your organization would change if there were no volunteers. What would that landscape look like? It goes without saying that volunteers help in... More

  15. How to Attract Volunteers to Your Organization

    These tips and tricks can help your nonprofit attract volunteers strategically The process you tack to attract volunteers for your nonprofit organization can be a key to long-term success. Engaged... More

  16. 5 Ways Your Volunteers Can Help with Fundraising (Without Asking for Money)

    Your nonprofit’s volunteers are a great resource for your organization. But, did you know that they can also be a great asset to your fundraising program? Many nonprofits worry about... More

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