1. The Value Volunteer Background Screening Adds to Nonprofits

    One of the best ways to protect your organization and volunteers is by doing volunteer background screening. Volunteers can help you expand your reach and share your organization’s mission. Having... More

  2. Online Volunteer Management: Making the Transition

    Is your nonprofit considering the leap to an online volunteer management system? It’s a big step, but it can deliver tremendous return on investment for your organization. If you’re feeling... More

  3. Increase the Effectiveness of Your Volunteer Program

    Taking a few simple steps can help craft an effective volunteer program Taking measures to optimize and create an effective volunteer program helps you increase your nonprofit’s reach in the... More

  4. Celebrate Your Volunteers & Increase Retention

    Your volunteers donate their time because they believe in your cause. A volunteer recognition program may be your organizations next step. Implementing a volunteer recognition program can improve your nonprofit’s retention... More

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