1. Volunteer Engagement Surveys: Enhance Impact with Data

    Volunteer engagement surveys are an invaluable tool for nonprofits. Explore how these surveys can provide crucial insights, elevate the experience for volunteers, and optimize processes, to help nonprofits better achieve... More

  2. 5 Ways to Better Support Your Volunteers in 2023

    If you want volunteers to keep volunteering, your nonprofit organization must support them. Here are 5 ways to better support your volunteers and drive the most value from them in... More

  3. 5 Ways to Engage Generation Z Volunteers

    Generation Z volunteers are a vital contributor to the nonprofit world. With a passion for positive impact, this segment of volunteers can help your nonprofit reach its mission. Who is... More

  4. 5 Tips for Engaging Lapsed Volunteers

    There are several effective steps that an organization can take to engage and drive value from lapsed volunteers, here are 5. For many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to... More

  5. 4 Smart Strategies for Keeping Volunteers Engaged

    Volunteers are essential to your nonprofit organization’s success. Although they don’t always contribute financially, they’re donating their time and energy, so you should prioritize their engagement. By fully understanding and... More

  6. Volunteer Engagement at Charity Auctions: 4 Best Practices

    Planning a charity auction can be a challenge, which is why having the right people power is incredibly important. But this isn’t just limited to your nonprofit’s employees. It also... More

  7. 5 Ways to Engage Volunteers at Your Next Fundraising Event

    Your organization relies on volunteers to carry out the important work you do and often times interact with donors through fundraising campaigns and community events. Your volunteers are committed to... More

  8. Creating a Stand-Out Volunteer Program

    How is your nonprofit's volunteer program standing out amongst the crowd? When it comes to creating a top-notch volunteer program, it all comes down to relationships. Volunteers are using their... More

  9. Boost Your Volunteer Engagement: 4 Web Design Tips to Help

    Every nonprofit professional knows that an organization’s volunteer base is one of the most valuable resources it has. Your volunteers offer their time and effort, for free, to make sure... More

  10. Engaging Young Volunteers – 5 Tips

    Engaging young volunteers to assist in your cause can provide new perspectives, skillsets, and backgrounds. Youth volunteering is less common than any other age group in the United States. Only... More

  11. 7 Tips for Building a Volunteer Engagement Strategy

    Here are 7 tips to incorporate into your plan for a better volunteer engagement strategy that keeps supporters coming back.     Sometimes the real challenge is not recruiting volunteers... More

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