1. 3 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits on a Budget

    There are plenty of marketing strategies that are effective and easy on the budget. Choosing cost-effective marketing strategies for promoting your nonprofits volunteer and donor opportunities can be challenging.  There... More

  2. Is Twitter a Good Marketing Tool for Nonprofits?

    Twitter is a huge social media network with a lot of user appeal but does it work as a good marketing tool for nonprofits? Nonprofits are consistently looking for new... More

  3. How Nonprofits Can Utilize Social Media and Crowdsourcing for Fundraising

    Nonprofits can utilize social media and crowdsourcing to increase donors. Social media can be a powerful tool to assist nonprofits in their fundraising efforts.  In order to get the full... More

  4. Want to Engage Social Circles with Your Nonprofit?

    Your nonprofit presents a great opportunity to engage social circles Encouraging your volunteers to bring their friends and family creates a stronger sense of community. Volunteers are more likely to continue... More

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