1. Recruit Volunteers Online: 5 Engaging Techniques for 2022

    2022 is here! Is your organization struggling with online volunteer recruitment? If so, here are 5 engaging techniques for recruiting volunteers in the new year. According to a 2021 Nonprofit... More

  2. Volunteer Recruitment Plan: 5 Components to Focus on Today

    Your nonprofits volunteer recruitment plan should focus on finding the right volunteers to fill organizational opportunities. Creating and implementing a strategic volunteer recruitment plan is one of the first steps... More

  3. Increase Volunteers by Demonstrating Health Benefits

    Volunteerism is often done for altruistic reasons--but how does volunteering effect volunteer health? Most non-profits sell the idea of becoming a volunteer based on how much it'll help those who... More

  4. Tips for Non-Profits to Recruit Young Adults

    Attracting millennials to volunteer is a challenge that many nonprofits face. Here are a few tips to recruit young adults The process to recruit young adults is a lot like... More

  5. 3 Ways to Recruit More Volunteers in 2015

    If you're like most nonprofits, you're finishing up last year's business and preparing for 2015. Part of your preparation, of course, is planning ways to recruit more volunteers. But what if you... More

  6. 3 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips for Showing Gratitude to Volunteers

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (if you’re in the United States). For me, this means hanging out with family (and Otis), eating lots of chocolate pecan pie, and taking a long nap. But... More

  7. Three Ways to Make Volunteer Onboarding More Social

    When someone decides to make time and volunteer for your nonprofit, it's a big deal. And big deals are shared with close friends. How can you increase the likelihood that... More

  8. Eight Steps for Using Facebook Apps to Recruit Volunteers

    One powerful way to promote volunteer opportunities is to display them within a Facebook Page app. This gives the organization a home-base within Facebook where people can read volunteer stories and... More

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