1. 3 Steps for Recruiting Corporate Sponsors

    Ready to start recruiting corporate sponsors? Check out these expert tips One of the biggest challenges that nonprofit organizations face when it comes to recruiting corporate sponsors is that they are... More

  2. Volunteer Apps: “Free” Can Be Very Costly

    Your volunteers are already some of your most important supporters. Now, for a moment, consider the additional benefit of converting these volunteers to donors. If you’re using the Salesforce® CRM platform, you... More

  3. 7 Tips for Building a Volunteer Engagement Strategy

    Incorporate these tips into your plan for a better volunteer engagement strategy Sometimes the real challenge is not recruiting volunteers – but, rather, keeping them engaged, happy, and eager to... More

  4. How to Deal with High Maintenance Volunteers

    The following article was originally posted on the GuideStar Trust blog. Click here to read the original post. Volunteers are amazing people. However, as with any group of people, some volunteers... More

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