1. 3 Top Tips for Improving Your Nonprofit’s Digital Presence

    Your nonprofit’s digital presence is more important now than ever in order to reach donors and raise funds. Read our guide for the top tips to improve it.  It’s been... More

  2. Marketing Your Volunteer Program: 6 Keys to Total Success

    A strong volunteer program is a crucial part of your nonprofit’s ability to realize your mission and goals. The volunteers in your community provide the hands that do the work,... More

  3. Using Your Volunteer Database to Increase Marketing Campaign Performance

    Your volunteer database can be used to develop personas and create more targeted advertising for volunteer & fundraising opportunities in the future. Creating a strategic process for capturing volunteer information... More

  4. Boost Your Volunteer Engagement: 4 Web Design Tips to Help

    Every nonprofit professional knows that an organization’s volunteer base is one of the most valuable resources it has. Your volunteers offer their time and effort, for free, to make sure... More

  5. Important Google Analytics Metrics for Nonprofits

    Originally published here on NonProfit PRO. Measuring the right metrics in Google Analytics can have a significant impact on your nonprofits digital campaigns! How your nonprofit utilizes analytical data can have an... More

  6. 3 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits on a Budget

    There are plenty of marketing strategies that are effective and easy on the budget. Choosing cost-effective marketing strategies for promoting your nonprofits volunteer and donor opportunities can be challenging.  There... More

  7. 7 Easy Ways to Get More from Your Nonprofit’s Web Presence

    You can get more from your nonprofit's web presence with these easy to implement tips. In this day and age, it’s virtually impossible for anyone to turn a blind eye... More

  8. Should Your Nonprofit Incorporate Mobile Into Your Fundraising Recruitment Strategy?

    How important is mobile in your nonprofits fundraising recruitment strategy?....very important. Using the phone as a recruitment strategy for both fundraising efforts and enlisting volunteers has been a strategy for... More

  9. Email Campaign Tips to Take Your Nonprofit Marketing to New Heights

    Follow these email campaign tips to take your nonprofit marketing farther and achieve better results. Email is still one of the most effective forms of marketing even in our inbound... More

  10. Leverage Storytelling in Your Nonprofit Content Strategy

    One way to connect prospects to your cause is to incorporate storytelling into your nonprofit content strategy. One of the most effective forms of digital marketing in the nonprofit space... More

  11. Marketing Volunteer Grants to Your Supporters: 8 Top Tips

      Your organization probably couldn’t survive without a base of dedicated volunteers. They work tirelessly to help your nonprofit during projects and events and serve the communities, people, and animals... More

  12. Better Results from Email Campaigns with Volunteer Hub

    Nonprofits often rely on email campaigns for quick communication with volunteers. But have you ever considered how volunteers are reading your messages? To answer this question, stop and think about... More

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