“Overall, we are very happy with the relationship that we have with the VolunteerHub team and the features that the volunteer management software is providing our nonprofit on a daily basis.” John Bode, Food Center & Volunteer Manager for The Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank


“The flexibility and ease of adoption are two very beautiful aspects of VolunteerHub.” Myra Khalife, General Secretary for Donner Sang Compter


“We have had nothing but a positive experience with the VolunteerHub from the start until now. We had a great implementation experience and whenever an issue comes up, the team is quick to provide a fix.” Catie Ellis, Manager of Human Resources & Volunteer Services for Meals on Wheels People


“I really love how the VolunteerHub team listens to customer suggestions and is consistently adding valuable features and capabilities to the software that can help organizations, like ours, take our volunteer program to the next level.” Tosheena Thompson, Volunteer Manager for Students Association of MacEwan University


“We greatly appreciate the customer service and support that we receive from VolunteerHub’s team. When we need support, we receive it quickly and efficiently.” Mary Bachman, Director of Volunteer Resources for Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis


“The VolunteerHub team did a great job of coaching us through the set-up process and creating a solution that really works for our specific needs and goals.” Heather Rompel, Manager of Family Support Services for Ronald McDonald House Winston-Salem


“We really love Admin 2.0 and the new capabilities that VolunteerHub has included in their most recent update. It is pretty clear that the VolunteerHub team is listening to the voice of their clients.” David Thoms, Volunteer Coordinator for Open Hand Atlanta


“I was blown away by how fast VolunteerHub was adopted by the DSC organization and how quickly the solution made an impact towards our mission.” Myra Khalife, General Secretary for Donner Sang Compter


“Our organization loves VolunteerHub and the new version has made the tool even better. I highly recommend and have recommended VolunteerHub to other nonprofits that want to streamline their management process.” Carla Fortenberry, Volunteer Manager for Loudoun Hunger Relief


“The support received from the VolunteerHub team is second to none and I truly appreciate the personal emails when I have questions or need a simple how-to answer. The monthly updates are also essential to learning new “tricks of the system. We are excited for the future and continuing our strategic partnership with VolunteerHub.” Dawn Hammer, Volunteer Manager for Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity


“I cant stress the importance of post-purchase support and VolunteerHub stands behind the software.”Matthew Herrera, Volunteer Experience Manager for  West Houston Assistance Ministries


“I love that VolunteerHub stands behind its software and provides the support, training, and functionality to get the most value possible.” Trish Lackey, Event Administrator for the City of Dublin


““The support, training, and knowledge base that VolunteerHub provides has been very helpful for us when navigating the software.” Nicole Davis, Volunteer and Youth Programs Director for Paul’s Place