One way to increase your end-of-year fundraising success is to stand out during Giving Tuesday

‘Tis the season for giving! Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. With thousands of nonprofits vying for your supporters’ contributions, how can your organization stand out? Taking the time to create relationships and engage your supporters will increase donations. Here are a few ways your nonprofit can stand out during Giving Tuesday:

Stand Out on Giving Tuesday by Making Prospects Laugh

Your supporters love to be engaged with your organization. A great way to engage them is to make them laugh. This is a sentimental time of year and making light of the holidays is sure to make someone smile.

Use social media to show off your comedic side. Try these few tips for catching your audiences’ attention:

  • Take a photograph of your team having fun or doing something silly. This could be as easy as dressing up as gift boxes to promote your organization for the big day (Giving Tuesday).
  • Create a catchy meme that people could relate to using a tagline, such as: “Got the Tuesday blues? Giving to your favorite nonprofit could be just the cure.”
  • Show your nonprofit’s personality. Do this through witty social media postings.
  • Be creative. There are endless ways to make people laugh and feel engaged.

By engaging your audience and supporters, your organization is more likely to stand out.

Stand Out on Giving Tuesday by Being Sentimental

Your supporters want to see your organization making a difference. This time of year tugs at everyone’s heart strings, especially if they have a connection with a your cause. Show your supporters your compassion and dedication to your community. This will encourage them to give to your organization during Giving Tuesday.

Here are a few ideas to show your nonprofit’s sentimental side:

  • Post photos on your website and on social media of your organization giving back and helping your cause.
  • Communicate what your organization was able to accomplish this year with your supporters’ help.
  • Send out holiday cards to your supporters thanking them for their dedication. Make the card personal by including photos of your team.

By showing dedication to your community, your organization is sure to stand out on Giving Tuesday.

Stand Out on Giving Tuesday by Bringing People Together

The holidays are about bringing people together. Why not use this time of year to bring your supporters and team together? They work hard and give to your organization all year. Take this time to celebrate them. Bringing your supporters together will inspire them to give to your cause. Here are a few ways to bring your supporters together during this special time of year:

  • Create special events to celebrate your nonprofit’s triumphs this year. This will foster stronger relationships with your supporters.
  • Create a community board where your supporters can post their favorite memory from the past year. The goal is to share the impact your organization has had on them throughout the year. The board could be digital or something you have at your office
  • Have an open house at your office or at a designated location. Let people stop by throughout the day. This will allow them to see your organization in action and feel included in your mission.

Standing out during Giving Tuesday can be easier than you think. All you need is a little creativity and imagination. Your supporters want to give to your cause. Show your supporters you value their dedication by including them in spreading your mission. Make this the best Giving Tuesday ever.

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