Time is one of your most valuable assets. It is important to donate your time to the things you are passionate about. In the nonprofit sector, volunteers give their treasured time because they are passionate about a cause. Not only is finding the time to volunteer challenging, but discovering the right opportunity can take hours if you don’t know where to look.

Why not show your volunteers you appreciate their time and make it easy for them to participate within your organization? When the process is simple, volunteers will be motivated to continue to volunteer for your organization. Incorporating technology into your volunteer management efforts can increase efficiency and volunteer retention. Here are a few suggestions to show your volunteers you appreciate their time by using technology:

Registration Process

Having a volunteer management software automates volunteer management efforts while reducing your workload and increasing data accuracy. Automating the volunteer signup process alleviates stress for volunteers as they register for events.

Using spreadsheets or digital documents may require volunteers to register by calling into your organization. This can be cumbersome for both parties and it may discourage certain volunteers from participating. Directing potential volunteers from your website to a designated volunteer site makes the process simple and easy for the volunteer.

Detail Events

Once the volunteer has arrived at the volunteer site, it should be easy to navigate through the available information. Ensuring all event details are listed helps the individual narrow down how they would like to contribute their time. Having the information easily accessible saves the volunteer countless hours of research.

Another way to save time for the volunteer is to place them into a group based on their interests. During the registration process they can select specific groups related to their personal interests or skills. Placing them in groups allows for the opportunities to be specific to the individual’s preferences.

Reminder emails

Today’s busy families are constantly on the move. Sending a tailored reminder email before each event can be helpful for managing hectic schedules. Time can get away from you, so sending a quick reminder can work wonders.

Not only can you send reminder emails, but you can send out invitations to events where more volunteer participation in needed. This is a great way to encourage their involvement with your cause.

SMS Communication

During big events details may change based on weather, people attending, or the venue requirements. Texting your volunteers with updated information at a moment’s notice, saves both parties time and energy.

Making the volunteer registration process simple for individuals, shows them your organization values their time. When they feel valued they will continue to give of their time and resources. Take the time to ensure your volunteer management efforts are efficient and show volunteers you appreciate them and their time.

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