Event-focused nonprofits will always have a need to share documents with volunteers. From youth liability waivers to promotional materials, your organization may have dozens or even hundreds of volunteer-related documents to manage.

When the need arises, your staff’s natural tendency might be to open Outlook and manually attach documents to one-off emails. While this approach may be familiar, it is neither effective nor efficient for your organization.

In this post, we’ll explore a better way to share documents with volunteers: VolunteerHub’s Cloud File Storage App.

The Dangers of Attachments

Sending files as email attachments can yield several issues for your organization. First, email attachments can cause your message to get blocked or marked as spam. In fact, a recent industry study found that a majority of emails with attachments bounce. Your goal is to engage volunteers, but that’s difficult if emails are not being delivered.

In addition to bounce issues, volunteers who receive the emails must be looking for the attachments you send them. Assuming your volunteers know how to look for, download, and open attachments is a flawed assumption. This can be especially true for organizations that cater to older or youth-aged volunteers, who may be less comfortable downloading and accessing attached files.

A Better Option: Upload Files to VolunteerHub

VolunteerHub’s Cloud File Storage App was created to solve these issues. The app allows you to upload files to your VolunteerHub site, automatically creating clickable hyperlinks for you to share with volunteers. Your staff can upload files with little technical knowledge, meaning that there’s no downtime waiting for your IT staff to help.

The Cloud File Storage App hosts up to 1 gigabyte of files and allows you to upload 2 megabytes at a time.

How the Cloud File Storage App Works

To add files to your VolunteerHub site, click on the “Uploads” tab under “Setup.” Click the “browse” button to search for the file that you want to upload. Share descriptions or instructions that should be included with the file. Click the upload button to be provided with the file’s new URL.

upload document volunteer software -Share Documents with Volunteers

You now have a clickable link that volunteers can access, much like any other web link. No more worrying about deliverability or accessibility issues.

Share Documents with Volunteers

Upload Your Documents to VolunteerHub

VolunteerHub’s Cloud File Storage App was developed to simplify the sharing of information with your volunteers. Ready to get started? Click here for more information about uploading your volunteer documents to VolunteerHub.

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