A volunteer management platform can take your nonprofits process and strategy to new levels!

Volunteer management platform’s, like VolunteerHub, offer a nonprofit many clear-cut benefits including opportunity landing pages, online signup for volunteers, reporting features, and CRM integration.  A volunteer management platform can also help free up your Volunteer Coordinator and allow them to focus on other components of the organization. Did you know that on average a volunteer hour is worth $24.00?

How your nonprofit manages volunteers, retains them, finds new prospects, and engages them can save your organization both time and money.  If you are having trouble communicating the benefits of a volunteer management solution to your boss here are a few problems that most nonprofits face and how volunteer software addresses those issues.


Nonprofit Problem #1: Spending too much time manually scheduling volunteers and inputting data into CRM.

Solution: Save time by eliminating manual volunteer data-entry and scheduling. 


A volunteer management platform can eliminate most of the manual volunteer data-entry and scheduling that your current process entails.  How? Volunteer management software allows volunteers to self-register and tracks the number of registrants in the user dashboard.

Implementing a software solution can also help your organization control the number of registrants for a particular opportunity and prevent the risk of over registration. Eliminate the manual process and paperwork associated with sign-in sheets and deploy a volunteer management platform today!


Nonprofit Problem #2: Current volunteer management process is not providing your organization with insights about your volunteer and donor base.

Solution: A volunteer software can integrate with your organizations CRM.


Some volunteer management platforms, like VolunteerHub, provide true CRM integration.  CRM integration can streamline your organization’s data collection process and provide valuable insights about your volunteers and donors and their interactions with your brand.

Understanding the relationship between volunteers and donors can help your nonprofit eliminate manual tracking (saving more time), increase automation, improve efficiency and convert more volunteers to donors and donors to volunteers.

Does your nonprofit want more actionable insights? Learn more about the benefits of volunteer management software.


Nonprofit Problem #3: Lack of an effective communication process with volunteer base.

Solution: Software can help your organization connect with volunteers through automated communications.


Communicating effectively is one of the most important variables in volunteer retention.  Failing to keep your nonprofits volunteers in the loop can lead to frustration and eventually cause a volunteer to disengage with your organization.  Lack of effective communication may mean that your organization is also missing out on utilizing your volunteer base to fill opportunities.  How can a volunteer management platform fill this gap?

Your organization can use a volunteer management solution to schedule custom communications with your volunteer base.  These communications can be both email or text messages and can be customized to appeal to the receiver (at least in VolunteerHub!).  Having communication features can make your volunteer coordinators life easier and reduce the amount of volunteer no-shows for organizational opportunities.

Finally, automated communication features can demonstrate to your volunteer base that your organization respects their time and the commitment they are making towards your mission (hence increasing retention rates).


Nonprofit Problem #4: Not having a streamlined process of volunteer recruitment.

Solution: A volunteer management solution can help your organization identify the right volunteer for the right role, and promote opportunities on the web.


A volunteer management platform can provide your organization with volunteer recruitment features such as social sharing and event specific landing pages.  Your organization will also have access to your volunteer data that can be used to match volunteer skills and behaviors with opportunities that best match them.

Your organization can also use the communication features found in a volunteer management solution to promote new opportunities to your volunteer base and thank them for registering.


Nonprofit Problem #5: Not having a rewards and recognition program in place to engage volunteers.

Solution: A volunteer management tool, like VolunteerHub, can make the process of implementing a reward program to boost engagement quick and easy. 


Deploying a volunteer rewards and recognition program can significantly boost engagement between volunteers and your organization.  Why? Because gamification can make the process of volunteering more fun for your supporters. A volunteer management platform, like VolunteerHub, can help your organization create an incentive program that can complement your volunteer management efforts.

Track volunteer participation directly from your volunteer management tool and provide rewards based on a particular volunteer’s performance.  It’s that easy!


There are many benefits of investing in a tool to support your organization’s efforts. A volunteer management platform can save your staff time, provide invaluable insights, optimize your volunteer communication process, streamline volunteer recruitment, and engage your volunteer base.  These are just a few selling points of a volunteer management solution.

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