Today, we’re very excited to announce a major integration for VolunteerHub. VolunteerHub now integrates with the Salesforce® CRM platform.

In this post, we’ll explore how nonprofits can convert more volunteers to donors by enabling the VolunteerHub integration.

Salesforce Integration for VolunteerHub

Enabling VolunteerHub helps your organization convert more volunteers to donors. It also delivers a 360-degree view of each supporter. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Automatic Volunteer Sync to Your CRM – Once enabled, VolunteerHub automatically synchronizes volunteer information your CRM. This eliminates the need to manually import or export data.
  • Volunteers Help Keep Your Database Up-to-Date – Your organization will benefit from VolunteerHub’s self-managed approach to volunteer record keeping. VolunteerHub regularly reminds volunteers to confirm that their information is accurate. When volunteers update their profiles, VolunteerHub sends new information to your CRM.
  • Streamlined Integration – An integration expert from VolunteerHub will enable the synchronization for you, ensuring your organization gains value from day one.

How the Data Sync Process Works

When a volunteer signs up on your VolunteerHub site, his or her information is automatically synchronized to your CRM system. Contact and Account records are created.

If the volunteer’s contact information changes in VolunteerHub, the linked record is automatically updated. In addition, volunteer hours and event registration details are synchronized.

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