Nonprofits often rely on email campaigns for quick communication with volunteers. But have you ever considered how volunteers are reading your messages?

To answer this question, stop and think about the people you know and how they use technology to consume information. People young and old alike are now accustomed to check their smartphones multiple times an hour to stay in the loop.

In other words, many of your volunteers are reading emails while on the go. They’re even willing to register if you make it easy enough. Therefore, providing a clean, yet eye-catching design is especially important.

VolunteerHub’s Rich Text Editor is here to help.

Rich Text to the Rescue

Composing a concise message with a clear call to action is a great way to reach your volunteers and donors. VolunteerHub’s Rich Text Editor offers you a number of ways to customize your message:

  • Send bulleted or numbered lists of available tasks or priorities
  • Create emphasis with bold, italicize, underline, and font size options
  • Easily copy and paste information
  • Revert or Undo changes with a single click
  • Modify the HTML source code for additional customization opportunities

If you have ever used a website content management system, you’ll feel right at home with VolunteerHub’s editor. Administrators can edit any email within VolunteerHub, including manual emails sent via Event Group, User Group, or Event as well as the automated Confirmation, Reminder and Thank-You emails.

Rich Text Email

Insert Helpful Hyperlinks

VolunteerHub also provides an opportunity to share direct links to landing pages or other important information on your website. Make registering for an event as painless as possible by including a direct link to the event registration page.

By linking to more detailed web pages, you can ensure your email campaigns stay concise to action-oriented. In turn, you’ll likely see more engaged volunteers and better click-through rates.

Deliver Greater ROI from Your Communications

Email is one of the most effective ways to engage volunteers and potential donors. Each event confirmation email that is sent by VolunteerHub is an opportunity to further establish your branding. Effective branding and messaging translates into a greater affinity toward your cause.

In addition to building brand awareness, VolunteerHub’s Rich Text Editor makes it easy to promote your social media accounts and donor information pages. Some nonprofits even include corporate sponsor logos, presenting incremental revenue opportunities.

Get Results With Rich Text

Ready to build beautiful, engaging volunteer emails? VolunteerHub makes it easy to do exactly that. Request a demo of VolunteerHub and see how easy it can be.

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