It’s that time again. Your organization’s annual “big event” is approaching.

Do you have an uneasy feeling in your stomach? You may find it hard to believe that another year has passed. Like it or not, your event will be here soon, so it’s time to start preparing.

Galas, walks, runs, socials, dinners, and other events typically follow a similar path from year to year. Wouldn’t it be nice if your volunteer management software streamlined the planning process?

Thanks to VolunteerHub’s innovative “recurrence master” feature, administrators can create future events with just a few clicks.

Let’s take a look at how it works within VolunteerHub.

Getting to Know VolunteerHub’s “Recurrence Masters”

VolunteerHub was built with the event-focused organization in mind. Within VolunteerHub, administrators can create templates called “recurrence masters.” These allow you to build an event blueprint that can be reused time and again. For predictable events, administrators can easily create a full year’s worth of events with a few clicks. When scheduling changes occur, administrators can quickly edit all future instances created from that master.

recurrence master

How to Create Recurring Volunteer Events

To create a recurrence master, click on the “add event” button and select “recurrence master” from the event type field. Enter the details for your template and save the event master.

recurrence master

Next, activate your event instances by specifying dates, times, and recurrence patterns.

recurring volunteer event frequency

Once saved, the recurring event instances will appear as volunteer opportunities on your organization’s calendar.

recurring volunteer events

To learn even more about creating recurring volunteer events, check out our documentation.

Additional Benefits of Recurring Volunteer Events

Administrators can edit future instances simply by modifying the recurrence master. Changes are automatically applied to all existing instances. This saves your volunteer coordinator hours of work having to manually update similar event pages.

Volunteers can also be registered for one or all future instances of a recurring event. This feature encourages repeat volunteerism, and it also helps reduce the administrative workload placed on your staff.

Set Up Your First Recurring Volunteer Event Today

VolunteerHub’s recurring volunteer event feature frees up time that would otherwise have been spent on creating and scheduling events. Creating events in advance also makes it easier for your volunteers to see upcoming opportunities. This automated approach to scheduling saves time and frustration for coordinators and volunteers alike.

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