Following these tips can help your nonprofit to realize more ROI in 2020

Have you set your 2020 goals? The new year is approaching, which means it is time to plan and make your nonprofit’s goals happen. Each year your team works hard to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and help grow your mission. How will 2020 be different? What can your team do this year to realize more ROI for your organization? Here are a few ways to realize more ROI in 2020:

Put Technology to Good Use

Struggling to manage your volunteers? Transitioning to a volunteer management software could help your organization exponentially grow. Imagine if you could automate the majority of your volunteer efforts. It would allow your team to focus on other areas and give more to your cause.

Using volunteer management software also makes volunteering easier for your supporters. Creating easy procedures for your volunteers may also increase volunteer retention.

Convert Volunteers to Donors to Realize more ROI

Is your CRM converting volunteers to donors? Most likely not. A simple way to convert more volunteers to donors is a CRM integration with your volunteer management software. Using an integration point can be key to data accuracy and conversions.

Not only will using a CRM integration increase data accuracy and conversions but it will streamline communication with all of your supporters. You will be able to save countless hours while adding a personal touch to all of your communications.

Share Your Vision and Mission

Supporters are drawn to your organization because of your vision and mission. Clearly communicating your vision and mission is extremely important when fundraising and recruiting. Supporters want to know why they are giving to your organization and where their donations are going.

Making sure your team and supporters are on the same page will yield greater returns. Alignment is extremely powerful when done correctly. Ensuring you use the same language and tone in all of your communications with your supporters, community, and even the world will help grow your nonprofit.

Reward and Recognize

Recruiting takes time, money, and a lot of effort. Why be consumed with continuing to recruit volunteers that don’t stay around?  By retaining your current volunteers, you free up time and create expert supporters of your organization.

A great way to retain your volunteers is to show them appreciation by rewarding and recognizing them. Volunteers who feel appreciated will continue to give their time to your cause. You can reward them by giving them branded gear, hosting special events, or sending a simple thank you note. Showing your volunteers you value them will make them feel a part of something special.

Engage Family and Friends

Social media is one of the fastest ways to communicate with your friends and family. Encouraging volunteers to share opportunities on social media is a great way to increase your ROI. Using a Social Media Integration makes it fast and easy for volunteers to share what they are doing with the world.

They can invite their friends and family to register for events. Sharing opportunities on social media allows your organization to expand your reach and to engage more people.

Think outside the box to realize more ROI. There are many ways to engage, recruit, and encourage volunteers and donors. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to do so. Make 2020 your best year yet.

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