Did you know that VolunteerHub is the only volunteer management software to be an official Blackbaud Technology Partner and to integrate with The Raiser’s Edge Hosted Edition?

By connecting VolunteerHub to the hosted version of The Raiser’s Edge, your organization can enjoy a 360-degree view of each constituent from any web-enabled device. Better accessibility, better events, and peace of mind are just a few benefits that customers experience from this integration.

In this post, we’ll explore the advantages of connecting VolunteerHub and The Raiser’s Edge in the cloud.

Instant Access to Constituent Data (From Anywhere)

Many organizations get started with a locally installed (i.e. on your own servers) CRM system for tracking donor information. While a locally installed CRM certainly gets the job done, event-focused organizations often seek a more accessible solution.

Users of The Raiser’s Edge are able to send their data to the cloud, thanks to Blackbaud’s Application Hosting service. Blackbaud handles all of the back-end IT and security administration, allowing you to focus on donor cultivation and engagement.

What about volunteer information? Since VolunteerHub is natively a cloud-based solution, connecting it to The Raiser’s Edge Hosted Edition is a wise decision. In doing so, event coordinators are able to view donor and volunteer information on the fly from any web-enabled device. And, thanks to VolunteerHub’s intelligent deduplication and volunteer managed accounts, you can always rest assured that your data is clean and accurate. Duplicate profiles can be easily merged, offering a true view of each person’s contributions of time, talent, and treasure.

The end result is an integrated, highly accessible infrastructure. With a few taps from a smartphone or tablet, your team can collaborate in the cloud (instead of being chained behind a desk).

Better Events, Greater Impact

Just imagine all of the possibilities from having real-time access to accurate constituent information. When the day of the event arrives, coordinators can pull out their smartphones and get to work. No need to print constituent records or make handwritten notes. Each constituent’s donation and volunteer history can be easily accessed with a few taps.

Thanks to VolunteerHub’s OnSite app, event check in and time tracking are also a breeze. Volunteers can check themselves in or you can do it for them using any web-enabled device. As the day progresses, volunteer data is synchronized to The Raiser’s Edge, automatically building time sheets.

After the event, you can log into The Raiser’s Edge for further analysis. VolunteerHub automatically sends thank-you emails to volunteers, further streamlining the post-event wrap up.

Peace of Mind

Hosted solutions, such as VolunteerHub and The Raiser’s Edge, free up much needed resources – especially in a nonprofit setting. Securely hosting and maintaining any web application requires significant technical expertise. And, let’s face it, as new hack attempts occur each day, many nonprofits who self-host are vulnerable to such attacks.

Does your IT staff or consultant know enough about data security, disaster prevention, and server performance to guarantee a secure environment for your most important data?

Nonprofits who use VolunteerHub and The Raiser’s Edge Hosted Edition are able to find much greater peace of mind by turning over many of the security and technical challenges. Each application is hosted according to industry best practices and backed up constantly to protect your data.

Enable VolunteerHub for The Raiser’s Edge Hosted Edition

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