Fundraising professionals have two options for increasing donations:

  1. Ask more from existing donors, or
  2. Get more donors

If your organization uses The Raiser’s Edge, you already appreciate and understand the multi-faceted effort required to achieve these goals. Over 13,000 nonprofits rely on The Raiser’s Edge CRM because the system simplifies all aspects of fundraising. Constituent management, direct and email marketing tools, segmentation features, and donor cultivation are just a few of the reasons why nonprofits trust The Raiser’s Edge.

In this article, we’ll look at a few proven methods for using The Raiser’s Edge to engage donors on a deeper level and to a greater extent (including a spotlight on our new volunteer synchronization into The Raiser’s Edge).

The Giving Score is a Great Place to Start

The Raiser’s Edge is more than just a database of donor information. In fact, the name says it all – “The Raiser’s Edge,” which implies the tool will give your organization the upper hand for all things related to fundraising. Why? Simply stated, Blackbaud has packed a ton of functionality into the software.

One feature that we’re particularly fond of is “The Giving Score,” which automatically categorizes your constituent based on his or her likelihood and capacity to give. The categories are:

  • Acquaintance – Low capacity and likelihood to give
  • Fan – Low capacity, but high likelihood to give
  • Longshot – High capacity, but low likelihood to give
  • VIP – High capacity and likelihood to give

Here’s a brief introduction to how it works:

By utilizing The Giving Score within The Raiser’s Edge, you put your organization in a position to engage the right supporters at exactly the right time. This level of segmentation would traditionally require hundreds of hours of work by your staff. However, thanks to The Raiser’s Edge, the information is instantly available for your organization to use.

Take Marketing to the Next Level with Online Express

In addition to The Giving Score, users of The Raiser’s Edge can gain access to a marketing toolbox (also known as the “Online Express”). When used properly, these tools can significantly increase engagement. Embed donation forms, send out bulk email, and track engagement from a convenient online portal.

Convert Volunteers to Donors in The Raiser’s Edge

Thanks to VolunteerHub’s new integration with The Raiser’s Edge, your organization can instantly synchronize volunteer and donor information. Synchronizing volunteer information into your CRM offers significant value, particularly for engagement purposes:

  • Grow Your Donor List: Instantly grow your list of potential donors by sending volunteer information into The Raiser’s Edge.
  • Identify New Donors: Gain a 360-degree view of your supporters and identify volunteers who are likely to make a financial contribution.
  • Build New Synergies: Bridge the gap between your volunteer and donor management teams, allowing your organization to become more nimble and efficient.

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Dive Into The Raiser’s Edge and Reap the Benefits

There’s a reason why thousands of nonprofits trust The Raiser’s Edge. It’s the same reason why VolunteerHub has dedicated significant effort to creating seamless integration with the tool. Simply stated, it’s a CRM that helps your organization make highly informed decisions and engage more people.

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