Promote Nonprofit Events in 5 Minutes or Less Using the Following Steps

Need to quickly promote nonprofit events? VolunteerHub can help you get the word out fast.

How fast?

Simple events can be published on VolunteerHub within five minutes.

Let’s take a closer look at how this is possible.

Step 1: Create an Event Page to Promote Nonprofit Events (1 minute)

Creating an event in VolunteerHub is a breeze. Sign in to your account and click “add event.” Then choose the name of the event group you’d like to add an event for. Event groups can be related to a preferred location, frequency, skills, and other preferences.

add event

If you have a few extra minutes, you might consider setting up a uniquely branded, event-specific entry page. Click here to learn more.

Step 2: Add Event Details to Promote Nonprofit Events (2 minutes)

Start by entering a name for the event. For a one-time event, select “single occurrence.” Then enter the start date, end date, and times of the event. You also have the opportunity to set up recurring events as needed. Also, be sure to enter a helpful description of the event; this information will be visible to volunteers in your VolunteerHub event feed. Share additional information in the detailed description textbox; this is the place to share information such as position details and required experience. You may choose to leave this field blank, if no further information is needed.

add volunteer event

You can leave the default settings for the remaining fields on the page (such as event contact name and email preferences) and then click “save event.” The event will then appear in the events list on the main page of your organization’s VolunteerHub site.

Step 3: Promote Nonprofit Events (2 Minutes)

VolunteerHub also makes it easy to promote your event. With a few clicks, you can instantly text and email your existing volunteers to alert them of the new event. Point, click, and go.

It’s also a best practice to share your events on all of your social media platforms. Copy and paste your VolunteerHub link into your social media pages and add a custom message that gets attention.

Create Your First Event Today

Time is of the essence for most nonprofit organizations. VolunteerHub makes it easy to promote nonprofit events, so you can get more volunteers and achieve your mission.

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