Sometimes volunteer opportunities occur at a spur of the moment, allowing little time for planning (or post-event data analysis). However, the timeliness of an event does not diminish the need for accurate record keeping.

So, what are your options to organize volunteer information from past events?

Thankfully, VolunteerHub allows you to enter event information and volunteer hours after the fact. This feature allows you to centralize all volunteer and event records into an online volunteer database, minimizing your risk of information loss and streamlining future event planning efforts. The process easily lets you organize information from past events.

VolunteerHub Simplifies the Process

Here’s how nonprofits use VolunteerHub to enter information from past events:

Step 1: Log into VolunteerHub and click on the Events tab.

Step 2: Go to the drop down menu at the top of the events page which reads Next 0-36 months and choose Previous 0-36 months as shown below:

managing volunteer hours from past events

Step 3: Click on the event that you want to record hours for. Follow the prompts and enter volunteer hours for each user. It’s that simple.

add past hours volunteers

That’s all there is to it. Now your previous event information has been recorded and securely backed up in the VolunteerHub platform.

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