Need to streamline your process? Paperless volunteer management to the rescue.

Nonprofits are all working towards one common goal – a better world.

Part of that is doing your work better, smarter, and more efficiently. One great way to be more efficient (and also help the environment) is to reduce your dependence on paper.

You may know that VolunteerHub can help you seamlessly coordinate your volunteer events and information. But did you know that it can also reduce your reliance on paper by providing paperless volunteer management tools?

Here are a few ways that using VolunteerHub can make your organization and the environment better through our paperless volunteer management.

Electronic Check-In and Time Tracking for Volunteer Events

VolunteerHub allows you to print a sign-in sheet to help keep track of your volunteers; but, you can streamline the process even further.

To go paperless for even check in, simply enable our OnSite App. From any web-enabled device your administrator can log volunteer check in and check out times, which automatically sends volunteer hours to the cloud. No forms, no paper, no problem.

Better yet, you can free up your administrator for other roles by using the Virtual Kiosk. Volunteers can check themselves in on a digital device you provide, such as a PC or tablet, or even use their own mobile phones. Volunteer tracking can virtually take care of itself.


Filling In and Signing Electronic Waivers and Forms

Getting volunteers to sign liability waivers is necessary, but it can create a lot of paperwork and consume resources. Filling out and signing these forms digitally is much easier on you and your volunteers with our paperless volunteer management features.

VolunteerHub lets you replace paper forms with a web form, including a general waiver question that users can choose to accept. They can even add electronic signatures where required, thanks to the Advanced Waivers App. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of who has signed what. Each user’s profile maintains a history of accepted waivers.


Sharing Documents and Files Electronically

You may also need to share volunteer-related documents such as welcome packets, volunteer forms, event pamphlets, volunteer applications, and resumes. Ditch bulky paperwork and overflowing binders by sharing these electronically. This will save you paper, time, and money. All of these documents can be uploaded and shared through links for event descriptions, landing page messages, and other communication needs.

VolunteerHub has its own cloud storage solution, the File Uploads App, which helps you easily share electronic documents with your volunteers. All you have to do is upload your document, copy the url, and share it.


Going paperless is far easier than you think. Help the environment and save yourself unnecessary hassle.

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