VolunteerHub just went mobile! Our OnSite App, formerly called the Barcode App, stands prepared to take your Hub anywhere you go. Now you can use VolunteerHub on smartphones or other tablet devices.

How Does the OnSite App Work?

VolunteerHub’s new OnSite browser-based interface offers touch screen capabilities to check in users. In addition, the User Roster Report now includes QR Code functionality. Need name tags or I.D. cards? These QR codes can be used to create name tags or I.D. cards with any 2D Scanner. Now that’s easy!

Furthermore, the OnSite App provides a barcode on the sign in sheet next to the users’ names. This can be scanned by either a keyboard emulator or serial port monitor. Depending on how frequently you plan to use the app, you can choose the scanner most appropriate for you. In short, the keyboard emulator is slower and less expensive while the serial port monitor is faster and more expensive. Either way, volunteers can be up and running in no time rather than shuffling through sign-in sheets!

See It in Action!

Contact us to schedule a free demo of the OnSite App.  Be sure to ask us how you can get the OnSite App for free by upgrading to our “Pro” plan.