Is your organization getting the most out of its online presence?  Does your nonprofit’s website successfully convert viewers into volunteers and donors?  If you’ve never considered the prior questions, it’s time you do so.  Each month, the term “nonprofit organization” yields approximately 368,000 internet searches in the United States alone.  With more people turning to the internet to find volunteer opportunities, having a website that stands out in the crowd has never been more vital for nonprofits.  From monitoring website traffic to tracking conversion rates, updating website design to developing a clear and convincing call to action – there are many things your organization can and should be doing on a regular basis.  In our recent article, Is Your Nonprofit’s Website “Converting”we discuss this very topic and provide some helpful tips for defining and tracking site conversions.  The post, which was recently featured on, also highlights several key strategies for improving overall internet reach.  To read the full article, click here.

Krista Balbach is the communications manager at VolunteerHub and has worked in the nonprofit sector in various marketing and communication roles.