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LifePath Ministries is using VolunteerHub to capture accurate volunteer and community service data in order to better understand program and community impact.


LifePath Christian Ministries has been providing life-changing programs and services to the community for more than five decades. The nonprofit, located in York, PA, focuses on providing individuals in need with food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and programs to help them flourish personally and in the community. Lifepath’s offering is backed by their mission to love, honor, and serve struggling neighbors at their point of need and holistically equip them to succeed. LifePath has made a substantial impact in the York, PA community. In 2017 alone, they served 181,000 meals, distributed 23,100 pounds of clothes, gave 36,598 nights of shelter, and saw 245 people in their care come to know Christ.

LifePath’s mission and goals would not be achievable without the dedication and support of volunteers. In 2017, the nonprofit utilized volunteers to fill 13,453 hours of service through their volunteer & community service program. LifePath volunteers fill a variety of roles for the organization including food service, working in stores, teaching, and child care. Volunteers work alongside staff and provide much-needed support to each program and service that LifePath offers.

“We would not be able to meet the goals of our ministry without the help, dedication, and ongoing support of volunteers in our community,” said Dave Cook, Corporate & Community Outreach Manager, LifePath Ministries.


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The Need for a Better Volunteer Management Solution

The value of their volunteer program is what led LifePath Christian Ministries to consider a volunteer management solution. Prior to implementing VolunteerHub, LifePath used a log system to keep track of volunteer hours. Volunteers would log how many hours they thought they had provided the organization. LifePath found that the data being captured through this process was not accurate and community service hours were being manipulated. LifePath’s previous process also had a habit of creating duplicate records making the data unreliable. The nonprofit needed a better way to accurately capture volunteer and community service hours that would be easy to manage, reliable, and trusted by outside partners.

LifePath considered several volunteer management solutions to fulfill their needs and requirements. They found that most of the solutions available did not meet their branding requirements and would not provide prospects with a cohesive experience when interacting with their marketing site. They wanted a solution that was visibly pleasing, easy to use, and manageable. VolunteerHub was the only solution that met all of their requirements.

“We wanted a volunteer management solution that was visibly pleasing, easy to use, and provided a manageable transition from our previous process,” said Dave Cook, Corporate & Community Outreach Manager, LifePath Ministries.

VolunteerHub Stood Out as the Best Solution for LifePath’s Needs

VolunteerHub was the best solution for LifePath Christian Ministries for a few strategic reasons. First, the registration features and on-site kiosk provided the nonprofit with a new streamlined way of recruiting volunteers and eliminating the risk of incorrect hour tracking and record duplication. Second, VolunteerHub’s volunteer management software could be customized to match LifePath’s brand and digital assets providing a consistent and recognizable experience for volunteers. Third, VolunteerHub offered the communication features that LifePath desired to quickly and efficiently promote opportunities and remind volunteers of upcoming event registration. Finally, VolunteerHub is easy to use and can be learned quickly making the transition from LifePath’s previous volunteer management process manageable.

“The reporting features of VolunteerHub are great and the process of exporting a report is easy for our internal team to learn and communicate with others”, said Dave Cook, Corporate & Community Outreach Manager, LifePath Ministries.

Since implementing VolunteerHub, LifePath Christian Ministries has seen great improvements to their community service and volunteer program. Volunteers are adapting well to using LifePath’s VolunteerHub site to sign up for volunteer opportunities and staff can easily measure program success using the reporting features of the tool. LifePath has even improved external relationships post implementation of VolunteerHub.  The accuracy of VolunteerHub’s tracking and database features have improved their relationship with courts appointing volunteers for volunteer service projects pushing their community service program, which represents 40% of volunteer hours, to new heights.

“VolunteerHub has literally changed community service for our organization. It has provided a tool that the courts actually trust and one that we know provides an accurate depiction for service hour completion,” said Dave Cook, Corporate & Community Outreach Manager, LifePath Ministries

Volunteer Program Without Barriers

LifePath is focused on providing life-changing programs and services to the community of York, PA and is on track to reach their goals. Implementing VolunteerHub has allowed them to focus less time on verifying the accuracy of their volunteer & community service data and more time on building relationships and pushing their program further using the communication, recruitment, and registration features of the tool.
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