Taking a few steps can strengthen corporate sponsorships with your nonprofit

An outstanding leadership team can produce unlimited results for your organization. Leaders are often admired for their hard work, passion, creativity, and dedication. They can add great value to any organization. One way they add value is their ability to strengthen relationships with corporate supporters. Here are a few ways your leadership team can strengthen corporate sponsorships:

Create Branded Pages to Strengthen Corporate Sponsorships

Corporations are always looking for new opportunities to market their brand. Their brand helps them establish a good reputation and recognition within their business community. If your leadership team can create an initiative-specific page for their brand, it can be a great incentive for them to make a contribution to your organization.

Companies donate their time and resources to your organization. Sometimes, it is challenging to show your appreciation for the value they add to your nonprofit. Creating a branded page designed specifically for their company is a great way to thank them and show appreciation for their efforts and commitment.


Another way to promote your corporate sponsors is by co-branding marketing materials, email campaigns, and initiative-specific entry pages. Use your creativity to add your sponsor’s logo and incorporate the different ways they support your organization.

Other great ways to co-brand with your corporate sponsors would be to mention them at speaking engagements and on social media.

Email Blasts to Promote Special Events

Automating your volunteer management efforts allows you to send out email blasts to specific volunteers. Sending out a branded email to promote special corporate event opportunities can bring brand awareness to your sponsors. You can also send out an email to inform your volunteers about the company and their efforts.

There are many ways to use emails to build brand awareness with your sponsors. Associating their organization with your nonprofit can help them build a healthy and positive reputation in the community. If you send out an email on their behalf, it can create loyalty to your nonprofit and hopefully their continued support.

Tailored Questionnaires

One advantage of using a volunteer management software is the ability to create a questionnaire based on specific groups you would like the volunteer to join. Depending on the type of sponsor, this can be beneficial when sending out branded emails.

Let’s say one of your corporate sponsors sells school supplies. You could add a question to your questionnaire about whether the volunteer has school-age children when the volunteer signs up. If the sponsor wanted to give the volunteers a special offer on school supplies, you would want to send the email to all volunteers who indicated they have school-age children.

You do not have to give the sponsors any information about your volunteers, but it certainly would benefit them to receive a special price on school supplies for their children. Your volunteers will appreciate this and the corporation will gain your volunteer’s trust and respect.

A strong leadership team is key to creating solid and lasting corporate sponsorships. There are many tools they can use to build loyalty with the companies that support your nonprofit. Get creative and show your appreciation for your corporate supporters.

Using a volunteer management software is a great way to get started building stronger relationships with your sponsors. Want to see it in action? Click here to learn more.

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