In an effort to continually improve our products and services, VolunteerHub is announcing changes to its Setup / Organization tab and the Setup / Look and Feel tabs. The functionality of these two tabs can now be found on a new sub tab called Landing Pages. The Landing Pages area will be under the main Setup tab. You can find these features there by clicking the “Add a new landing page” button and override the default look and feel or default messages.

A quick summary of items being removed and placed under the Landing Pages sub tab:

  • What has been removed from the Setup tab?
    • Look and feel sub tab
    • Primary color
    • Secondary color
    • Title Elements
    • Title Alignment
    • Title Graphic
  • What has been removed from the Organization sub tab?
    • Schedule Message
    • Sign In Message
    • New User Message
    • Join Code Message

We believe there will be many benefits to using the new Landing Pages feature. Because landing pages are URL-driven, it’s easy to create a unique experience for users. You’ll be able to create URLs for specific chapters, groups, and events.

Custom branding is now a snap, and it’s also easy to create auto-join groups without a special code.

The feature is included in “Plus” and “Pro” accounts at no additional cost. In addition, users can create an unlimited amount of landing pages. Try them out — and maximize the power of your “hub.”