Picture this. You’re a volunteer coordinator at a local food bank. Your organization has two major canned food drives annually: one in the spring and one in the fall. Each event has a unique logo, tagline, and team of volunteers. To make things more complicated (in a good way, of course), a local corporation is setting up its employee volunteer program and has named your food bank as the preferred cause. The only catch is that you’ll need a way to manage the corporation’s volunteers separately from other initiatives. All of these programs are in addition to your day-to-day volunteer management needs.

So, what will you do? How will you accommodate these “special” programs without abandoning your ongoing volunteer management needs?

Landing Pages to the Rescue!

Here’s the exciting news: VolunteerHub now offers a powerful, yet intuitive way to manage separate volunteer initiatives. We call this new feature “Landing Pages,” and it’s changing the way nonprofits engage volunteers. (For an in-depth technical explanation of Landing Pages, click here to watch the 30-minute demonstration.)

5 Big Reasons to Use Landing Pages

#1: You Can Customize the Branding & Experience for Each Initiative

Not every volunteer initiative is identical. Your organization may have special or seasonal events that need customized branding and messaging. This scenario is the perfect application for our Landing Pages feature

For discussion, let’s re-examine our food bank example. Imagine the organization will soon be hosting a banquet to recognize its volunteers who helped with last year’s canned food drives. This would be the perfect opportunity to create awareness for similar upcoming events. In preparation for the recognition banquet, the volunteer coordinator does the following.

  1. Creates two Landing Pages, one for the upcoming spring drive and one for fall
  2. Customizes each Landing Page with a unique color scheme, message, and logo
  3. Sets up a unique URL for each event, which helps direct traffic.

At the recognition banquet, the Executive Director announces the two upcoming food drives. After making the announcement, she encourages volunteers to pick up a flyer that contains information about each event. Volunteers are then able to register for one or both of the events by visiting the appropriate Landing Page.

Manage Multiple Volunteer Events

#2: Engage More Volunteers through Segmentation

In the previous “Reason,” we outlined a pretty common scenario for nonprofits. As we pointed out, Landing Pages make it easier for volunteer coordinators to manage and promote multiple events simultaneously. However, there’s also another benefit to this level of customization: increased volunteer engagement.

How can landing pages increase volunteer engagement? Our Landing Pages feature empowers your organization with the ability to easily match your Hub to the expectations of your prospective volunteers. This translates into better-staffed events and more loyal volunteers.

#3: Attract More Corporate Sponsors

As we’ve cited before, corporate philanthropy accounts for billions of dollars in giving each year. In addition, an increasing number of corporations are engaging their communities through employee volunteer programs. Across the board, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in the number of brands looking to connect corporate philanthropy and volunteerism.

Going back to our example, let’s imagine that American Widget Corporation, Inc. (AWC, Inc.) wants to begin sending 100 new volunteers each month to the food bank. AWC, Inc. has requested a dedicated volunteer calendar that it can promote internally. Using the Landing Pages feature, the volunteer coordinator does the following to accommodate this request:

  1. Creates a new Landing Page dedicated exclusively for the corporate sponsor’s needs
  2. Uploads the corporate sponsor’s logo and customizes the color scheme on the Landing Page
  3. Sends the corporate sponsor a dedicated URL

In a matter of minutes, the corporate sponsor has an attractive, easy-to-use portal that is only accessible by its employees. The food bank now has another reliable source of volunteers and has solidified its position with the sponsor.

#4: Simplicity for Multi-Chapter / Multi-Location Nonprofits

Managing volunteers at multiple chapters or locations requires a lot of coordination. Sometimes, using a centralized Hub for everything just doesn’t make sense. Our Landing Pages feature offers invaluable functionality for nonprofits managing volunteers in multiple locations or chapters. Here are a few practical applications:

  • National Nonprofits
  • Regional Nonprofits
  • Municipalities
  • Local Nonprofits with Multiple Branches
  • Churches with Multiple Ministries

#5: Unlimited Landing Pages

Perhaps the most compelling fact is that we offer unlimited Landing Pages with our Plus, Pro, and Enterprise accounts. Set up as many as you like – with no hidden fees.

What It Means for Existing VolunteerHub Customers

This feature is currently available to Plus, Pro, and Enterprise clients. Existing customers may upgrade at any time.