Corporate partnerships – how can your nonprofit get more of them? Virtually every notable for-profit organization has a philanthropic division; but, how can you create the awareness necessary to stand out and engage more sponsors?

While there is no official “rule book” for soliciting corporate partners, there are certainly some best practices for doing so. In this guide, we highlight some proven strategies from experts in the nonprofit sector. Find out the questions you should be asking sponsors, how to build long-lasting partnerships, and much more.

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Tips for Soliciting Corporate Partners

6 Questions to Ask When Soliciting Corporate Sponsors
Are you asking the right questions? If you want to be more successful at getting corporate sponsorships, pay attention to this advice from Mazarine Treyz, author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising. Check out her article on GuideStar’s blog for six important questions you need to ask corporate sponsors.

10 Steps to Cultivating Corporate Sponsors
In the nonprofit world, there’s a lot of competition when it comes to winning corporate dollars. Here’s a helpful guide from The Fundraising Authority blog highlighting a 10-step plan to increase your chances of landing corporate sponsors.

How Millennials Can Help You Boost Corporate Sponsorships
Want to breathe new life into your fundraising program and reach more corporate sponsors? They key, according to Network for Good, might just be millennials. Keep reading to find out why.

Practical Advice for Building Relationships with Corporate Sponsors
Reaching out to corporate sponsors doesn’t have to be as difficult as some organizations make it. In this article, originally published by GuideStar, you’ll learn helpful tips for working with sponsors.

3 Steps for Building Trust with Corporate Sponsors

Four Easy Ways to Land Corporate Donations
Corporate contributions may only make up a small percentage of U.S. nonprofit donations each year, but the upside goes far beyond just monetary benefits. In his article on the Blackbaud blog, Robert Bellovin, of Software Advice, outlines four tips for building lasting partnerships with corporate sponsors.

Volunteerism’s Impact on Corporate Philanthropy
VolunteerHub has developed a corporate sponsor program to help for-profit corporations give back. Find out how the program can help your organization build brand awareness, increase loyalty among volunteers, and more.

Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit
If you’re new to the idea of soliciting corporate partners, this toolkit from the National Council of Nonprofits is a great place to start. Find out if you’re ready to engage sponsors by reviewing the “readiness” factors. Also, be sure to check out the “Additional Resources” section for some other helpful tools.

How To Choose & Approach a Corporate Partner for Your Nonprofit
Building relationships with potential corporate partners is a lot like dating. Laura Kimball, communications director at Jolkona, explains how to find the perfect corporate sponsor and gives a few rules for first, second, and third “date” success.

Corporate America’s Impact on Volunteerism
Corporate sponsors are a nonprofit’s best friend. From financial contributions to corporate volunteers – partnerships like these present a huge opportunity for nonprofits. What if your organization could leverage corporate sponsors to help pay for software and other applications? Learn how nonprofits are benefiting from “viral volunteerism” and how your organization can connect its operational needs to corporate philanthropy.

How Can My Small Charity Get Corporate Sponsorships?
For smaller charities, competing with big national organizations for sponsorships can be a difficult and frustrating task. In this article, Joanne Fritz shares some inspirational words for small nonprofits seeking corporate donors. “Don’t despair if your organization is small, local, and your staff is mostly volunteer. You can still get sponsors for your event. Just plan to work the neighborhood.” Keep reading for more of Fritz’s corporate sponsorship secrets for small charities.

Grant Seeking and Corporate Giving
Want to increase your chance of submitting a winning grant proposal? Check out this article for some pointers on positioning your nonprofit to be the beneficiary of grants and corporate donations.

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