Your volunteers are already some of your most important supporters.

Now, for a moment, consider the additional benefit of converting these volunteers to donors. If you’re using the Salesforce® CRM platform, you already understand the importance of growing your donor list. A volunteer management system, such as VolunteerHub, can simplify this process.

Sure, there are a number of free (or almost free) volunteer apps. So, why select an enterprise-quality volunteer management system like VolunteerHub?

Simply stated, VolunteerHub’s powerful feature set offers countless possibilities for engaging volunteers and converting them to donors. Let’s look at just a few reasons why VolunteerHub is the right choice.

Better Experience for Volunteers

Your volunteers are busy people. Therefore, providing a convenient, sortable event registration portal should be a priority. Simply publishing a calendar of upcoming events, while better than nothing, doesn’t offer an intuitive experience.

VolunteerHub was built for the event-focused organization, offering event segmentation as a standard feature for all plan levels. By configuring a well-structured event plan in VolunteerHub, a volunteer can quickly identify the event, shift, and location that works best – instead of clicking through dozens of opportunities.

Volunteer Event Groups

Once a volunteer identifies the perfect opportunity, VolunteerHub prompts the user to register. From that point forward, your volunteer has a unique username and password, making it even easier to register for future events. In addition, his or her information is automatically synchronized to your CRM, ensuring no duplicate records are created. Best of all, VolunteerHub regularly prompts your volunteers to confirm their contact information, which helps you maintain data integrity.

More Accurate Volunteer Information

On the day of an event, volunteers want to show up, help, and go back to their normal lives. Asking them to manually key-in volunteer hours is not only unreliable – it’s also risky.

VolunteerHub’s OnSite app for tablets and other “smart” devices was designed to simplify the hour tracking process. Volunteers check-in from your tablet and VolunteerHub goes to work, automatically recording hours.

After the event, your staff can log into VolunteerHub and pull accurate hour information by volunteer, volunteer group, and event group. No more waiting for volunteers to enter hour information.

Increased Engagement with Volunteers

70% of nonprofits rely on volunteers sent by corporate partners. Of this group, 60% believe that a landing page, customized to the for-profit company’s branding (logo, colors, and messaging), is the most effective option for increasing engagement.

VolunteerHub is the only volunteer management software that allows you to create unlimited entry pages. Common use cases for landing pages include:

  • Corporate sponsors
  • Seasonal events
  • Galas, balls, concerts, and other special events
  • Group-specific registrations (for example, high school classes)
  • New volunteer pre-onboarding

The possibilities are endless with landing pages. Segment and engage your volunteers – before you ever meet them!

Risk Reduction

Not every volunteer role is the same. In some situations, it may be wise to add risk-reduction steps into your volunteer recruiting and onboarding process.

For example, if your volunteers will be operating heavy equipment, you’ll likely need them to sign a liability waiver. VolunteerHub simplifies the process by digitizing the documentation and approval. When new volunteers try to sign up, they’ll be asked to accept the terms of your liability waiver. Digital signatures are as valid as those with pen and paper.

volunteer liability waiver

Consider the Long-Term Before Going with a “Free” Volunteer App

VolunteerHub is used by thousands of nonprofit organizations to manage over five billion hours. Our unique approach to volunteer management can help you gain even greater value from your investment.

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