Do you ever wish you could organize your volunteers by skill set, interest, training, company, referral source, or some other attribute? With VolunteerHub’s User Groups feature, you can. The process is easy and gives the volunteer coordinator greater ability to strategize his or her event planning.


The User Groups feature allows you to attach certain requirements to an event. For example, if you would like people volunteering for a particular position to be trained in CPR, only those identified in the CPR-trained user group would be able to register for that event. Similarly, many organizations have companies that would like to send a group to volunteer together. This feature would only allow those identified as being part of the company to sign up for the slots reserved for them. Adding a new user group is simple:

Adding User Group


After selecting the “Add User Group” option, follow the prompts to complete your user group.

VolunteerHub User Group


User Groups are also a great way to communicate, as the function allows you to send targeted messages. Perhaps you want to get an email out to everyone with a particular skill set or interest. With the User Groups feature, VolunteerHub will send the message out to only those who are identified as being in the group.

We’ve offered just a few suggestions above. When you consider all of the skills, talents, and preferences your volunteer base brings to the table, we’re sure you’ll find many other ways to utilize this strategic tool.