What if there was a way for your organization to create “micro hubs” that could be customized with an event sponsor’s color scheme and branding? What if you could set up separate Hubs for different audiences or events? With our new “Landing Pages” feature, the possibilities are endless.

Using Landing Pages for Event Sponsorships

By utilizing our new “Landing Pages” feature, you can set up a micro hub that has a unique look and feel. The logo and color scheme can be customized for the event sponsor. Also, your landing page can be configured to only display those events that are relevant to the event sponsor. Each landing page has a unique URL, allowing you to provide your sponsor with a dedicated web address for its events.

Using Landing Pages for Annual Events or Festivals

Some organizations only manage a handful of events each year. Sometimes the target audience for one event may be completely different from the audience of another. With the new Landing Pages feature, volunteer coordinators can set up separate micro hubs that are targeted specifically to a particular event’s date, audience, or other details. The following screenshots illustrate how a soccer organization configured two different landing pages for two different events. Notice the customized graphics, color scheme, and event schedule.

Landing Pages Are Now Available!

We are adding this feature to the standard VolunteerHub offering (for Plus and Pro plans). Request a free demo to see how Landing Pages can benefit your nonprofit organization.