Volunteer coordinators know the importance of staying in contact with their volunteers both leading up to and after an event. Email confirmations and reminders are a very important part of this process. They make sure everyone understands and remembers where they are supposed to be, when they are expected to be there, and what they are doing. After the event, a thank-you message will keep your cause in the forefront when people are considering future volunteer opportunities.

When done manually, however, all of this messaging can be very time-consuming. Luckily, VolunteerHub’s automated email feature allows you to put your correspondence on “autopilot.” You can create custom messages to be sent at intervals you designate. The system lets volunteers know what they’ve signed up for, sends them reminders in advance of the event, and even sends a follow-up note afterward to thank volunteers for their attendance.

Below is an example of what a confirmation email would look like. By default, the confirmation email includes Name, Time, Location, Attendee, Cancellation link, and Calendar link.

volunteerhub registration email

In addition, reminder emails are sent to your registered volunteers. Below is an example of a reminder email.

volunteerhub volunteer reminder email

Following the event, your volunteers will also receive a thank you message. Here is what that might look like.

volunteerhub volunteer thank you email

In the end, you’ll save a significant amount of administrative time and reduce phone-tag, too. Now there’s no more need to worry about remembering to send communications out on certain dates. Just “set it and forget it” — and let your Hub do the email work for you.

Krista Balbach is the communications manager at VolunteerHub and has worked in the nonprofit sector in various marketing and communication roles.