Although it’s often one of the overlooked aspects of volunteer coordination, reporting is an essential function. In fact, most of your organization’s volunteer strategy should depend on data from reports as its guiding light. Sometimes, however, things happen and data is needed to adjust on the fly. That’s why it’s so important to get meaningful data at a glance. Luckily, VolunteerHub has several Advanced Report functions (available to “Plus” and “Pro” customers) that can give you valid information whenever you need it. Below we will describe a few.

  • Event Summary: Sort through events within a specified date range. You can view details of specific events such as who attended, their affiliation, contact info for the event, and more. This function is a great way to put a microscope on a time period or simply as a way to perform a quick debrief after an event.
  • Multi-Event Sign-In Sheet: This printable sheet lists attendees for all events within a chosen time period. It’s a great tool for those cases where you need to leave a sign-in sheet in one location for a while.
  • Last User Activity: Look at a list of volunteers and see the date of each member’s last activity. Use it to figure out who is engaged in your mission and who isn’t. This information can be helpful in identifying trends, rewarding recent volunteers, or reaching out to long-lost volunteers.
  • User Group Membership: This report lists group membership for each user. Just look beside each user’s name, and you’ll see all of the groups in which he or she is registered.
  • User Roster (Event Group): Want to see the roster for a particular group? This is the report to generate. You can slice data according to group and date. This report can also easily be exported to a spreadsheet.
  • Raw Data Reports (Event Registration): Shows event registration details within a specified time frame. Details include events, user groups, users, and hours in CSV format. This report is full of the data that all others are built upon. From here you can call up all the details of all events.

Clearly these reports offer detailed information that can be used in both longer-term strategy and spur of the moment decision-making. Having all the right information is sure to help you make the correct moves.  Continue reading about how our volunteer management software can help your organization.