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Want to Engage Social Circles with Your Nonprofit?

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Encouraging your volunteers to bring their friends and family creates a stronger sense of community. Volunteers are more likely to continue to give their time to your organization if they can include people they love. In a world where we share everything on social media, why not share volunteer opportunities with social circles?

Share Volunteer Opportunities With Ease

VolunteerHub now makes sharing volunteer opportunities easier than ever. With the click of a mouse volunteers can share how they are participating with their favorite cause. When volunteers register for events they will have the option to share the opportunity on Facebook or Twitter.

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Encourage Friends and Family Engagement

Another way volunteers can share volunteer opportunities is before they register for events. If they would like to share the event details with their social circles they can post the event on social media. By posting the event before they register, they can encourage their friends and family to join them.

Your volunteers want to include their friends and family in giving opportunities. By using VolunteerHub’s Social Media Integration, volunteers can do just that. What a great way to encourage recruitment as well as allow your volunteers to create a stronger bond with their community. Click here for more information and to schedule your free demo today.

About Rob Cardosi

Prior to joining VolunteerHub as Director of Sales, Rob served as the Associate Director of Development at the University of Cincinnati Foundation and as the Associate Director of Annual Giving for the University of Kentucky.

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