How do you ensure all of your organization’s needs are met for an event? If you’re managing events with pen and paper, it’s impossible.

Luckily, VolunteerHub’s event groups feature is here to help. Event groups let you create deeper levels of organization for yourself and your volunteers. Instead of haphazardly structuring and promoting volunteer events, wouldn’t it be better to segment event happenings by location and activity?

Let’s take a closer look at how event groups can help your organization.

Get Organized

There’s nothing like waking up in Event Groupsthe middle of the night before your event, realizing you failed to find workers for the registration booth. Instead of getting some much-needed rest, you pull out your smartphone and start emailing people who you think have helped in the past. Unfortunately, it’s too late, and you end up working the booth yourself.

Avoid this scenario by leveraging event groups from VolunteerHub. Start by establishing a list of job types to be filled for each event and location. Once you have your plan, simply create the event groups in VolunteerHub. Building individual events and shifts becomes much easier once you’ve laid out the “big picture” with event groups.

Implement Your Segmentation Strategy in VolunteerHub

VolunteerHub offers an intuitive approach for structuring your event logic. In addition to creating event groups, you can also create subgroups, which offers additional levels of segmentation for your nonprofit.

Volunteer Event Groups

Segmented event data can be especially useful when planning future events. By asking volunteers to help again in a similar capacity, you may see a noticeable increase in retention.

Better Communication

Communicating with volunteers is also much more efficient when using VolunteerHub’s event groups. There is no need to send a massive email with subheadings for each task area. Instead, VolunteerHub allows you to send emails directly to each group or subgroup. Get the word out quickly and effectively.

Event Group Email

Better Reporting

After the event is over, VolunteerHub makes it easy to compare activity among volunteer groups. This helps you identify what went well and what should be changed for your next event. You can also see information about the number of volunteer hours completed and other useful statistics. Board members and stakeholders will find this information especially useful.

Event Group Reporting

Make It Easy for Volunteers

Event groups also streamline the process for your volunteers. Bypass confusion by clearly communicating where and how your volunteers will be helping. A clearly defined event structure translates into more engaged volunteers, which ultimately helps you get more done on event day.

Run Better Volunteer Events

Ready to learn more about VolunteerHub’s event groups?

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