Family volunteerism presents a great opportunity for prospects to work with their loved one to achieve a common goal

You may already know that volunteerism has many benefits. Volunteers share their skills, creativity, knowledge, passion, and so much more. With their hard work and dedication, they are giving more than just their time. Family volunteerism can be a bonding experience and allow them to share their passion with each other. How can nonprofits encourage families to volunteer?

Volunteer Canada reports that only 15 percent of organizations had events or programs designed specifically for volunteering as a family. There is a tremendous opportunity to create family volunteer programs and opportunities. The combination of ages and generations gives your organization’s community a wide variety of energy and experience. Here are 4 ways your nonprofit can encourage families to volunteer:

Family Volunteerism Tip #1: Promote Quality Family Time

Most people consider quality time with their family a top priority. Spending time giving to the community as a family can bring them closer together. Expressing and communicating this value in your promotion of events will encourage families to commit to your cause.

When families see an opportunity to strengthen their family bond and help their community, it will entice them join your mission. Communicate this benefit in your marketing materials, social media outreach, and directly on your website.

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Family Volunteerism Tip #2: Provide Opportunities that Encourage Growth

One of the many benefits of volunteering is that it provides the opportunity to develop skills that volunteers can apply in all aspects of their lives. By participating in nonprofit activities as a family, they will increase community awareness, increase their family bond, and gain a whole new set of skills.

Each nonprofit has its own mission and chooses how they need to give back to their communities. Here are a few opportunities that families could participate in:

  • Organizing events (registration and hiring vendors)
  • Planting trees and flowers in their communities
  • Building homes
  • Cleaning hiking trails
  • Tutoring Children

Family Volunteerism Tip #3: Encourage Family Volunteer Vacation

Many nonprofits have mission trips or opportunities to travel as a volunteer. Families want time together but also want educational opportunities for their children. Combining travel with a volunteer experience is a great way for families to get involved with your organization.

Reinvent the traditional family vacation. There are people around the nation and the world who need your nonprofit’s help. Why not spread your mission by giving your volunteers an experience they will remember for a lifetime?

Make sure these trips are centered around your organization’s goals and clearly communicate the intention of the trip. Families want to give back; you just have to give them options to do so.

Family Volunteerism Tip #4: Host Family Events

Every interaction with each of your families doesn’t always need to be a volunteer opportunity. If you want to introduce your cause to the community and grow the family involvement, hosting an event is a great way to boost engagement.

These events should be simple and allow bonding with your team and the families participating. If they feel as though they are gaining something from their engagement, it is more likely they will continue to commit to your cause. Here are a few examples of events your nonprofit could host:

  • Movie night
  • Game night
  • Pizza Party
  • Field day
  • Bonfire
  • Family Mixer

Be creative, think outside the box, and invite the entire family.

Creating family volunteer programs and opportunities can help expand your network and grow your organization. Engaging families with your nonprofit can increase self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and provide a bonding experience for everyone involved.

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