1. VolunteerHub to Exhibit at Ohio Benefit Bank Conference

    VolunteerHub is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the 2012 Ohio Benefit Bank Conference on Tuesday, September 11th and Wednesday, September 12th. The OBB Conference provides food... More

  2. Feature Spotlight: User Groups

    Do you ever wish you could organize your volunteers by skill set, interest, training, company, referral source, or some other attribute? With VolunteerHub’s User Groups feature, you can. The process... More

  3. Watch Video: SMS Text Messaging from VolunteerHub

    Recently, we hosted a webinar to demonstrate how VolunteerHub’s SMS Text Messaging capability can help nonprofits enhance communication and improve volunteer attendance. Since we had so many interested in learning... More

  4. Feature Spotlight: Waitlists

    One of the great features of the VolunteerHub platform is the ability to waitlist. Waitlisting allows an event with full registration to line up additional volunteers who will be automatically... More

  5. OnSite App Helps Your Nonprofit “Go Mobile”

    VolunteerHub just went mobile! Our OnSite App, formerly called the Barcode App, stands prepared to take your Hub anywhere you go. Now you can use VolunteerHub on smartphones or other tablet... More

  6. Watch Video: Import / Export App from VolunteerHub

    Earlier this month, VolunteerHub hosted several webinars to demonstrate the value of the new Import / Export App. Since the turnout was so great, we have decided to post the... More

  7. VolunteerHub Now On Scribd and Pinterest

    Social media gurus take note! VolunteerHub is now on Scribd and Pinterest! This gives nonprofits two new ways to connect with VolunteerHub. Unfamiliar with these two sites? Pinterest is a social networking... More

  8. Webinar Spotlight: SMS/Text for VolunteerHub

    OMG! VolunteerHub is pleased to announce a new webinar to showcase the SMS/Text feature. If you’ve ever wondered how to enhance communication within your organization, here’s your chance! Take advantage... More

  9. What Does “Integration” Really Mean?

    Many times the standard definition of a term and its technological definition are quite different. However, Merriam-Webster’s definition of integration cited below accurately describes what software developers are trying to... More

  10. VolunteerHub Exhibits at Feeding America’s Event

    VolunteerHub recently announced that it is exhibiting at Feeding America’s event, Mobilizing the Public Learning Conference. This noteworthy event takes place July 9-11, 2012 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago.... More

  11. Feature Spotlight: Automatic Emails Streamline Volunteer Coordination

    Volunteer coordinators know the importance of staying in contact with their volunteers both leading up to and after an event. Email confirmations and reminders are a very important part of... More

  12. Watch Video: eTapestry Integration with VolunteerHub

    Have you heard about the new duo teaming up to provide your nonprofit with super powers? Super organizational powers, that is. VolunteerHub is pleased to announce its integration with Blackbaud’s... More

  13. Webinar Spotlight: Import/Export App for VolunteerHub

    Volunteer record keeping can take valuable hours away from serving your cause. If you’ve ever needed to export data from VolunteerHub or import volunteer data without spending hours in front... More

  14. eTapestry Integration Now Available for all VolunteerHub Customers

    VolunteerHub is pleased to announce a donor and volunteer management system like none you’ve seen before. We’re partnering with Blackbaud’s eTapestry to bring you the eTapestry Integration App. This app is... More

  15. Feature Spotlight: Customizable User Fields

    Collecting useful information related to your volunteer pool is key. Having up-to-date and relevant data can make a volunteer coordinator’s communication, organization, strategy, and marketing functions much easier. That’s why... More

  16. Watch Video: VolunteerHub Integration with eTapestry for Habitat

    We recently co-sponsored a webinar with the team at Blackbaud to demonstrate how VolunteerHub now integrates with eTapestry. For this webinar, we invited Habitat chapters that use eTapestry. Click the... More

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