1. Save Time with VolunteerHub’s Integration for The Raiser’s Edge (Hosted Edition)

    Did you know that VolunteerHub is the only volunteer management software to be an official Blackbaud Technology Partner and to integrate with The Raiser’s Edge Hosted Edition? By connecting VolunteerHub to the... More

  2. Older Volunteers Love Volunteer Hub

    Is your organization considering the purchase of an online volunteer management system? If so, you’re not alone. Many nonprofits are realizing the benefits of automating tasks such as volunteer scheduling,... More

  3. VolunteerHub’s Big Impact on a New Hampshire Nonprofit

    “VolunteerHub has simplified every aspect of our volunteer management. Now, when people want to volunteer, they just go to our website. With one click, a volunteer can see all of... More

  4. Set Up & Promote Nonprofit Events in 5 Minutes (With VolunteerHub)

    Promote Nonprofit Events in 5 Minutes or Less Using the Following Steps Need to quickly promote nonprofit events? VolunteerHub can help you get the word out fast. How fast? Simple... More

  5. Announcing a Major Integration for VolunteerHub

    Today, we’re very excited to announce a major integration for VolunteerHub. VolunteerHub now integrates with the Salesforce® CRM platform. In this post, we’ll explore how nonprofits can convert more volunteers to... More

  6. Now You Can Modify Multiple Volunteer Events at Once

    Circumstances change rapidly in a nonprofit setting. The moment that you think your event schedule is finalized can often be the same moment that everything changes. Inclement weather, schedule changes,... More

  7. Feature Spotlight: Recurring Volunteer Events

    It’s that time again. Your organization’s annual “big event” is approaching. Do you have an uneasy feeling in your stomach? You may find it hard to believe that another year has... More

  8. When Volunteers Can’t Self-Register

    Volunteer Hub empowers your volunteers through its unique self-registration process. From any web-enabled device, volunteers can browse your organization’s list of upcoming events. With a few clicks, volunteers are then... More

  9. Did You Know VolunteerHub Integrates with Luminate CRM?

    Manual data entry is a common, yet inefficient process for many nonprofits. Collecting, validating, and keying in data consumes a substantial amount of time that could be better spent on... More

  10. Feature Spotlight: Volunteer Approval Workflow

    Background checks, orientation, and training are just a few steps that new volunteers encounter at your nonprofit. Tracking the volunteer onboarding progress can create a substantial amount of administrative work,... More

  11. How to Segment Volunteer List with User Groups

    Keeping your volunteers organized can be challenging, especially if your nonprofit offers a variety of ways to get involved. For example, some volunteers may only want to be contacted if... More

  12. Feature Spotlight: Multiform for Volunteer Hub

    Not every volunteer role is exactly the same. In fact, for most organizations, volunteers fill a wide diversity of roles. With this in mind, it’s logical to conclude that some... More

  13. Paperless Volunteer Management

    Need to streamline your process? Paperless volunteer management to the rescue. Nonprofits are all working towards one common goal - a better world. Part of that is doing your work... More

  14. Customer Testimonials for VolunteerHub

    If you’ve read many of our blog posts, you know that we’re very proud of this fact: since 1996, VolunteerHub has been used to manage over 5 billion volunteer hours.... More

  15. Tablets for VolunteerHub’s Virtual Kiosk

    Since launching our popular OnSite App and Virtual Kiosk feature, we've had several customers ask us about tablet compatibility. In fact, we commonly get this question: Which tablets work with VolunteerHub's... More

  16. True CRM Integration: Never Import / Export Again!

    “Key in this new volunteer information.” “Import that spreadsheet.” “Compare these two data files.” “Go into the system and replace the old database with the new one.” “Export the information, remove... More

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