1. Special Offer for #GivingTuesday

    Heard about #GivingTuesday?  #GivingTuesday is a national campaign focused on creating a common day of giving during the holiday season.  The event will be held tomorrow (November 27th, 2012) and... More

  2. VolunteerHub Featured On NTEN Blog

    Is your nonprofit collecting the right data from volunteers? In a recent guest article that was featured on The Nonprofit Technology Network blog, we take an in-depth look at how... More

  3. VolunteerHub Featured on Xerox Blog

    Going digital is a natural step for many nonprofits today as they search for ways to save time and be more organized. Several elements must be in place, however, for... More

  4. VolunteerHub Gets Visibility from Xerox Business of Work

    As many of you know, VolunteerHub has a great relationship with Xerox.  For years we have partnered with Xerox to offer our customers the popular free printer program.  We’re now pleased... More

  5. GuideStar Spotlights VolunteerHub Blog Team

    We recently partnered with GuideStar to co-sponsor an ongoing series for their blog.  Our most recent article, “Trusting the Cloud”, brings some clarity to the mystery surrounding the “cloud”.  (If... More

  6. British Red Cross Selects VolunteerHub for Volunteer Management

    We are proud to announce our new relationship with the British Red Cross.  The organization is part of a global voluntary network and helps people in the UK and abroad... More

  7. GuideStar Spotlights VolunteerHub Blog Team

    Nonprofits must work extra hard to establish a trusting relationship with volunteers.  From ensuring the security of their personal information to asking permission to recognize them as a volunteer in... More

  8. ManagementHelp.Org Spotlights VolunteerHub’s Blog Team

    Is your organization getting the most out of its online presence?  Does your nonprofit’s website successfully convert viewers into volunteers and donors?  If you’ve never considered the prior questions, it’s... More

  9. TechnologyInTheArts.org Spotlights VolunteerHub Blog Team

    We are pleased to announce that the VolunteerHub blog team was recently featured as a guest writer on TechnologyInTheArts.org – a leading arts management and technology resource for nonprofits.  The... More

  10. Grassroots Campaigns and the Web

    November is here again, along with Voting Day. And, no matter what our views, we can agree on one thing: Americans are passionate about politics. Although the 2012 national election... More

  11. Is Your Organization Ready?

    In recent months the world has witnessed several tragedies: the current flooding in the Midwest, a rash of tornadoes in the South, and an enormous earthquake in Japan. These events,... More

  12. Social Entrepreneurship: Matchmaking “Marketplace… and Missions”

    Effects of the economy are continuing to change how the world works on many levels. For nonprofits,one of these adjustments comes in the form of exploring alternative funding sources. As... More

  13. Tax Incentives for Volunteering?

    Peter Funt, second generation Candid Camera host, has turned his attention to more serious topics lately. In the past several years, Funt has written op-ed pieces, some of which have been... More

  14. Making a Difference

    Two decades ago Marcia Bullard, editor of USA Weekend Magazine, used her publication to encourage readers to take one day and help out their neighbors. On that inaugural day, more than... More

  15. Who Volunteers?

    When it comes to recruitment campaigns, does a one-size-fits-all approach work best? Or is it better to target certain demographics? If so, which ones? These efforts require time and money,... More

  16. Colleges Give High Marks for Volunteerism

    Getting into college has never been more difficult than it is today. Many students who apply have an excellent grade point average and strong SAT or ACT scores. Realizing this, students... More

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