1. Improve Volunteer Experience: 6 Strategic Ways

    What steps is your organization taking to improve volunteer experience for supporters? The value of volunteerism has been on the rise for many years now. According to an Independent Sector... More

  2. Repeat Volunteers: Keep Supporters Filling Opportunities

    With the value of volunteerism on the rise, repeat volunteers may be your nonprofit organization's most important asset. Are your volunteers coming back? As of 2018 around 85% of nonprofits rely... More

  3. Volunteer Recruitment Plan: 5 Components to Focus on Today

    Your nonprofits volunteer recruitment plan should focus on finding the right volunteers to fill organizational opportunities. Creating and implementing a strategic volunteer recruitment plan is one of the first steps... More

  4. 4 Easy to Implement Volunteer Training Tips

    Effective volunteer training is one component of success that your nonprofit cannot afford to miss. Training a volunteer to confidently fulfill your organization's opportunities is one of the most important... More

  5. Volunteer Management Process: 4 Effective Strategies

    An effective volunteer management process can save your nonprofit time, increase engagement, and improve retention rates. Volunteers are a valuable resource for nonprofits and a component that can lead organizations... More

  6. How to Use Matching Gifts to Improve Donor Retention Rates

    One of the most difficult problems for nonprofits to tackle is the problem of donor retention rates. Most nonprofits set retention goals but have difficulty achieving them.   The solution... More

  7. 25 Volunteer Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

    Take a look at these 25 volunteer statistics...they will blow you away. Volunteerism is one of the most important and beneficial actions that we can take as human beings.  Our ability... More

  8. Nonprofit Staffing 101: Partnering with a Consultant

    When it comes time to find new employees to join your nonprofit’s staff, you already know that a lot of work lies on the road ahead.   Whether it’s agreeing... More

  9. Is Your Nonprofit Promoting the Right Corporate Philanthropy Strategies?

    Deploying targeted corporate philanthropy strategies continues to help nonprofits reach financial goals. Corporate philanthropy is the act of a business providing support to a cause.  Corporations typically do this through... More

  10. 3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Year-End Fundraising

    Year-end fundraising is here! Can you believe that we are almost to 2018? We are just a few short months away from the new year. Did you know that 12%... More

  11. Is Your Nonprofit Setting SMART Goals?

    Do you know what the goals are for your nonprofit organization and the process by which you will achieve/exceed them? Has your organization created SMART goals? According to a study... More

  12. Nonprofit Mission Creep: What is It? How to Prevent It

    Mission creep can negatively affect a nonprofit in a variety of ways. Your nonprofits mission statement should serve as the foundation for your organization's vision and goals.  Your mission statement... More

  13. 5 Nonprofit Management Issues and How to Address Them

    Nonprofit management issues happen! Here are some tips on how to address common problems. How a nonprofit manages and executes its strategy can make the difference between being successful in... More

  14. 4 Challenges that Large Nonprofit Organizations Often Face and How to Overcome Them

    Large nonprofits overcome challenges almost every day. In order to be successful, large nonprofit organizations often have to overcome some extreme challenges to stay on the right track towards achieving... More

  15. How Meditation is Creating a More Focused Volunteer Management Provider

    Becoming the top volunteer management provider takes time, effort, patience, and strategy.  At VolunteerHub, we continue to focus on pushing our product further and fulfilling the needs of the organizations... More

  16. Creating a Successful #Giving Tuesday Campaign

    Is your nonprofits #Giving Tuesday campaign set to achieve the best possible results? This coming November 28th nonprofits all over the world will be presented with an opportunity to reach... More

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