Circumstances change rapidly in a nonprofit setting. The moment that you think your event schedule is finalized can often be the same moment that everything changes.

Inclement weather, schedule changes, volunteer availability, and holidays are just a few of the factors that can have an impact. With several weeks or months of events already planned, how can you rapidly (and effectively) deal with such unpredictability?

Meet VolunteerHub’s “Batch Modification Wizard,” which allows you to modify the details of multiple volunteer events at once.

Modifying Multiple Events in VolunterHub

By leveraging the Batch Modification Wizard, VolunteerHub customers can save significant time and effort. Administrators are offered a variety of filtering options, which makes it easy to quickly identify the events that should be modified.

Filter Events

Events can be filtered by:

  • Date range
  • Occurrence pattern, such as events occurring every other Monday
  • Event start time and end time
  • User and event groups
  • Originating recurrence master
  • User registration

Once an administrator has selected the filter criteria, he or she will then have the option to review (or deselect) the events.

Select Volunteer Events

It’s now time to make your event modifications. But be careful – changes will be made to all selected events! With the Batch Modification Wizard, it is possible to:

  • Update event information, such as start times, locations, and descriptions
  • Add, modify, or remove a user group reservation
  • Add, modify, or remove a user reservation
  • Delete selected events (note: this will delete all user registrations associated with the deleted events)

Bulk Volunteer Event Modification

As an added safeguard, VolunteerHub gives you a final opportunity to review your modifications before making them permanent.

Confirm Volunteer Event Edits

Proceed With Caution

As you can see, VolunteerHub’s Batch Modification Wizard is quite powerful. While this feature can be extremely useful, it is important to proceed with caution and care.

The Batch Modification Wizard is available to Plus and Pro plans for an additional fee and is included free with Enterprise plans.

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