You spoke and we listened! The results of our recent customer survey indicated an overwhelming need for an overhaul of our documentation. Based on that feedback, we’ve quickly implemented a number of dramatic changes:

  • We’ve converted the documentation from a PDF to a wiki-based documentation system similar to Wikipedia. This will allow us to make more frequent, incremental changes to the documentation whenever we notice a topic that needs polishing.
  • As part of our conversion to a wiki-based system, we’ve created the ability for you to provide feedback on individual topics. If you see a topic that needs clarification, just scroll to the bottom and click on “Add Comment.”
  • We’ve hired a Documentation Specialist who is dedicated to keeping VolunteerHub’s documentation updated and consistent. She will be revising the documentation continually based on new system features, frequently asked questions, and your comments.
  • Although there is still some work to do, we’ve spent a great deal of time bringing the documentation up to date with the current system. Out-of-date screenshots have been replaced and procedures have been updated where applicable.
  • New topics have been added for frequently asked questions, such as adding a liability waiver to the user form.

In the coming months, we’ll also be adding documentation intended to help get volunteers and other end-users up and running with the system.

As mentioned above, these improvements came as a direct result of your feedback so please keep it coming! We appreciate all your business and strive to deliver a product that meets your expectations.

Without further adieu, head over to our brand new VolunteerHub documentation system and check it out!