Today we’re excited to announce immediate availability of a highly-requested feature: integration between VolunteerHub and eTapestry, Blackbaud’s popular fundraising platform.  The two systems now communicate seamlessly with one another, saving you time, administrative cost, and multiplying your fundraising potential.

How Does it Work?

Our new eTapestry Integration App automatically replicates your Hub’s volunteer data into eTapestry, transparently converting your volunteers into constituents and volunteer hours into journal entries.  There is nothing you have to do – synchronization occurs in the background, periodically updating your eTapestry database with existing and new volunteers, their contact information, and volunteer history.  And because VolunteerHub automatically prompts your volunteers to update their contact information on a monthly basis, we also help keep your eTapestry database as accurate as possible.

We believe our new eTapestry Integration App will save your organization considerable time and money while helping you convert more volunteers into donors.  To schedule a free demonstration, contact us at or call (877) 482-3340.

What is eTapestry?

eTapestry is a leading online fundraising solution for nonprofits.  Like VolunteerHub, eTapestry is a software-as-a-service and requires no software to install or maintain.  eTapestry is a product of Blackbaud, a leading technology solutions provider to nonprofit organizations.

See the App Now

If you would like to learn more about connecting VolunteerHub to eTapestry, please contact us at or call (877) 482-3340.