Looking for an additional way to accelerate donations for your organization? VolunteerHub’s new Volunteer Fundraising feature may be just the solution to help. Be one of the first ten organizations to confirm your participation and you will have the opportunity to be a part of the beta testing program for this exciting new feature.

Did you know that 80% of donations come from individuals? This may be an opportunity that your nonprofit is missing out on. Empowering your volunteers to participate with your donation efforts can have exponential benefits.

Incorporating a Volunteer Fundraising feature will allow you to ask your volunteers for donations within your VolunteerHub site. Add custom messages to your donation pages and even prompt volunteers to donate automatically when they sign up for specific events in your site!

If you are one of the first ten organizations to participate the beta testing program, you will receive full access to this feature and the initial setup fee will be waived.

Launching a volunteer fundraising program will:

  • Increase your organization’s donations
  • Convert more volunteers to donors
  • New call-to-action