What does summer mean to you? For some, it means vacations and relaxing warm days. Why not bring some summer activities to your nonprofit to engage volunteers? Show your team and volunteers some appreciation by hosting fun summer events everyone can enjoy.

Throughout the year, your team is busy planning fundraising events for your organization. Taking the time to plan social events for your team can show them your true appreciation. Try a few of these events in order to bring your team closer together and make them feel valued.

Ice Cream Social to Engage Volunteers 

The summer heat can be exhausting. Why not cool down with a little ice cream? Having an ice cream social can be simple. It can give your team a break from the hectic work day and a chance to bond over some cool treats. Be sure to include your volunteers when picking a time. You can use this event in many ways, such as:

Field Day to Engage Volunteers 

There is nothing like a little 90-degree heat to build team moral. Create a field day with group activities to encourage team building and engagement with your volunteers. Individuals enjoy doing fun activities for a good cause. Try to think outside the box when planning your event. Here are a few examples to use at your own field day:

Theme Day to Engage Volunteers 

Who doesn’t like to dress up and visit another place and time? This could entail an entire day of themed activities or just a lunch break feast. Have everyone bring a dish and wear their favorite themed attire. Send out an email to all volunteers and include them in the festivities.

Giving your volunteers the chance to showcase their creativity encourages them to bond with the team. It can be a conversation starter and may even lead to a few laughs. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Hosting social events can promote team spirit and excitement about your organization. This also encourages, and engages volunteers to share their experiences with those they care about the most. By hosting special summer events, it gives your team a much needed break from daily tasks as well as improving your recruitment efforts. Take some time this summer to enjoy the sun and show your team appreciation.

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