Providing employees with time-off to volunteer is a great way to increase engagement and decrease turnover.

Creating an employee benefits program that includes volunteer-time off is a great way to increase employee satisfaction and engagement. Take a look at these 13 VTO statistics that show the value for business, employees, and the community. It’s a win-win-win.

If you are a nonprofit, make sure to share these VTO stats with prospective corporate partners.


VTO is the most desired philanthropic offering a company can offer employees. (Global Talent Trends 2022, Mercer)


Employees who engage in corporate giving program tend to have 75% longer tenures within the company. (The Ultimate List of Charitable Giving Statistics for 2022, NP Source)


Companies investing in corporate responsibility see turnover reduced by 50%, employee productivity increase by up to 13%, and employee engagement increase by up to 7.5%. (Defining the Competitive and Financial Advantages of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Project ROI)


65% of companies offer paid-release time volunteer programs. (Giving in Numbers, Chief Executives For Corporate Purpose (CECP)


61% of Millennials consider a company’s impact in the community. (2016 Millennial Survey, Deloitte)


83% of executives believe VTO can help employees be purpose-driven.


79% of people who volunteer with a nonprofit also donate to that organization.


71% of employees say it is imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering. (What Employees Think about Workplace Giving, Volunteering, and CSR, America’s Charities)


79% of people report lower stress levels after volunteering, while 93% report an improvement in their moods. (Doing Good is Good for You, United Healthcare)


76% of people say they developed core work skills through volunteering opportunities. (Accenture ESV Report, Accenture)


75% of working American millennials surveyed said they would volunteer more often if they had a better understanding of the impact they were making. (2017 Deloitte Volunteerism Survey, Deloitte)


85% of survey respondents found skill-based volunteering to play a key role in developing strong character. (2016 Deloitte Impact Survey, Deloitte)


Approximately 71% of American employees are disengaged at work. (Majority of American Workers Not Engaged in Their Jobs, Gallup)