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VolunteerHub is an efficient, innovative volunteer management solution for arts and culture initiatives.

Museums, art galleries and even zoos are just a few of the many cultural volunteer groups that count heavily on unpaid help. But managing volunteers can be draining without the proper tools, so having an organized system to schedule, track and manage volunteers is crucial. VolunteerHub’s software is a web-based volunteer management tool that simplifies the process.

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Arts and culture organizations appreciate this convenience, as it frees up additional resources that can be focused on the central mission.

  • In today’s world of tight budgets and timelines, finding additional efficiencies is a key to prolonged success.

  • Store all information in a centralized location online using our cloud-based platform, which allows your arts and culture organization 24/7 access to event rosters and other important data.

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  • Post your events, and participants can instantly view your up-to-date calendar and sign up for the events or programs they want to work.

  • Enjoy minimal software upkeep, since VolunteerHub is completely web-based. That means no software to install, upgrade, or maintain.

  • Register volunteers any time of the day with our web-based platform, accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Track volunteers using our flexible, user-friendly software.

One Of Your Top Priorities Is Likely To Attract A Wide Variety Of Workers With Different Skills And Abilities.

  • Museum Volunteers
  • Art Gallery Volunteers
  • Music Education Volunteers
  • Festival Volunteers
  • Zoo Volunteers
  • Art Therapy Volunteers

“VolunteerHub lets us tailor the content to each specific event.”

- Barbara Massar, Executive Director, Pro Portsmouth, Inc.

Since 1996, no volunteer management solution has offered more than VolunteerHub.